Packing your Zuca for Air Travel

Hello my Pretties! I know it has been a while but mu hubby and I just got back from a family vacay. We had a great time in Florida with all of his family and even with a few hiccups in the trip, we managed to still enjoy the relax time we all had for the week. 

I finally was able to utilize my Zuca. Now for anyone in the makeup industry this is a god send. This doesn’t have to be only used to travel with your makeup, but also for clothing etc. This was an anniversary gift my husband bought me last year since I had begged for one after going to IMATS NY and seeing how amazing they were. They can be a bit on the pricey side but worth every penny if you are anything like me that is on pins and needles when your are parted with your valuable makeup items. 

Before my Zuca I use to pack my 120 Palettes, and other makeup Items scattered amongst my suitcase tucked, wrapped in between clothing and would pray that when I got my luggage, I wouldn’t open up to find a rainbow powdery mess all over my clothes. For some reason I just never brought makeup with me in my purse and was always worried about the Security Checkpoint giving me a hard time about certain items, so to play it safe packed it all!

With my Zuca my pretties and I never need to part ways again!

This is the view from inside of the room we were staying in! How can one not relax with this view? Its Everything!

What it is:

Developed for the seasoned road warrior, the ZÜCA Pro is a PATENTED new concept in travel that protects your valuable gear and provides a place to sit. You can also use the seat as a platform for carrying additional gear. Measuring 19″ x 13″ x 10″ the Pro fits in the overhead compartment of standard commercial aircraft from 737’s up. Easily roll down narrow aircraft aisles with an adult friendly 41 1/2″ telescoping ergonomic handle. The Pro is protected by a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY, see details. With the ZÜCA Pro, you will always have the best seat in the house. 

How much:
$219 give or take 


Whats Included:

Now lets see inside my Zuca
Ok so will not bore you with what is in every single zipper or compartment of this, but in this picture the Cover that was included is on . The cover comes with clips to buckle around the wheels to keep it in place. This is great to keep it clean as well. 

Once you remove the cover, the sides of the Zuca have zippered compartments that are actually pretty deep.

It fir my Sedu Blow Dryer Perfecly!

In this pouch I used it only for my Flat Iron , but you can clip hair clips, put all of your disposables etc in the different pouches.

Inside you can see the pouches stack like drawers and are color coded.

Ok so I have to say this little pouch was the most stressful part for me. You are only allowed 1 quart size clear bag to fill with items of 3 oz of liquid or less. A liquid is considered anything that can be  smeared, poured or spilled!!! 
( I will give a list later  of what exactly I mean)

I had this ziplock filled with some cream blushes, liquid foundations, primers, cream highlighters etc. This one went in my Husbands carry on because as I stated above only 1 quart size bag per person allowed.

This was the heaviest pouch I had in the whole thing. This is unpacked. Nothing broke , cracked, or got dirty. ZPalettes are amazing and Inglot ones as well. I placed this one on the very top because I felt that by putting at the bottom of the Zuca the weight of all the other items may crush it or what not during travel in the over head bin of the place.

**The concealer palette I packed was a cream product. May be considered a liquid with security. I wasn’t stopped or questioned now that I realize so you may be able to pass this as a regular palette**

This was one of the deeper pouches I used for my makeup brushes etc. These can actually be used for shirts, pants anything!

I packed both my brush belt and my Sigma Dry n Shape full of brushes inside the pouch with no problem.

Here you can see I pretty much took over the bathroom lol:

 I can not express enough the importance of the Ziplocs for travel . Do yourself the favor and do not use the cheap dollar store ones. It is worth the peace of mind in knowing your luggage will not get ruined. Perfect example, I recently went to Puerto Rico with my husband and I put my tanning oil in the dollar store ziplock. I used Actual Ziplocks on other toilettries but for some reason ran out so used the cheap one on the oil. Well once we arrived my husbands clothes had Oil stains all over them because it had spilled everywhere and what a greasy mess we had on our hands!

I find that the Freezer Quart Size Ziploc’s work best for traveling in my personal opinion. Nothing beats hearing the snap of that closure and knowing that nothing is gonna leak or spill. For even more security I double backed a couple of them just to play it safe. I can tell you that not one item leaked spilled or anything.

I found another use for a Rubbermaid container. I personally loved this one because it locked on all 4 sides. I used it for my Revlon Color Stay Whipped Foundation. It i a bulky glass jar and to be honest didn’t feel like transferring it into another container so had to find a way to bring it with me.


Now I have a few things I do to ensure that all of my items to not open or spill anywhere. 

**With pump like items, make sure to press down and lock it back into place like when you first bought the item. EX: Lotion press down as if you are going to dispense and keep turning clockwise until the pump is completely down and locked.**


I must credit this idea to Pinterest because it really has saved me in a few instances.

I also use scotch tape around the seams of the bottles. I do this so that they do not twist or pop open .

Use screw top jars, and containers to travel with . The ones that you press to open can open suddenly on you. If not make sure to tape it completely shut!

What is considered a liquid to TSA:

I stated before that you are allowed to bring on 1 quart size item in your carry on filled with liquids of 3 oz or less.

In the Beauty world this is what it means to us:

  • Face Primers 
  • Eyeshadow Primer (Jars/Tubes)
  • Eyeliners ( Pencils/Liquid Liners/ Gel Liners)
  • Creams ( Highlighters/Eyeshadows)
  • Liquids ( Foundations/Setting Sprays/ Makeup Removers)
  • Nail Polish/ Cuticle Cream/ Cuticle Oil
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick/Lip Liners
  • Lip Gloss
  • ChapStick
  • Eyelash Adhesives
  • Concealers
Those are just some of the items I can think of that I packed and had to make sure I adhered to the regulations for .

This did pose a challenge because I like having options when traveling and being confined to 1 quart size baggie of liquids was a bit challenging. I did back my mascaras and another baggie of my cream blushes in my suitcase safely. I tried to make sure that it was something that was durable and wouldn’t break. 

There is no limit to the amount of powder items you can bring on in your carry on. 

  • Eyeshadow
  • Bronzer
  • Setting Powders
  • MSF’s
  • Pigments
  • Glitters
I hope this was helpful to you all that are considering getting the Zuca or if you already have one and need ideas on how to pack it. 

Here my hubby wheeled my pretties around to help. I was able to use the top as a seat because there weren’t any seats left at  our gate, so right there was a huge plus.

Was a breeze in and out of the plain. It drew some attention as I heard a few people the words Zuca in their convos lol. 

It slid right into the over head bin on the plane and protected all of my makeup items perfectly! Definitely worth the investment in my opinion!

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  1. Cathy

    @anonymous Before I traveled I made it a point of calling the airline. The person working there said that anything spreadable, smear able, or of a gel like consistency is considered a liquid. I asked about cream blushes specifically and she said yes was considere3d a liquid. So only going off of what the airline explained to me. 🙂

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