DIY Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow

Hey beauties Im on a roll. If you haven’t already seen on my Instagram, I recently decided to do my own pressed glitter eyeshadow palette. Now for those who do not know there is a company called glitter injections that have been doing this for some time and a few other companies have jumped on the bandwagon. There has been a bit of an uproar with one of them and well after reading some unpleasant things and seeing the price of each of the shadows a lightbulb sort of went off and needless to say I totally went head first in tackling this project.


We all love glitter and how it sparkles and how it can jazz anything up, however it is very messy and cleanup can be daunting.  Whether for your personal collection or for your makeup artist kit, this is a great alternative to carrying a bunch of jars that can possibly spill or end up all over the place. I checked out a few videos and after a number of versions I decided to go ahead and give it ago!



What you will need:

91% Alcohol

Glycerin (Walmart and drugstores carry it)Has to be Pure !

Empty Shadow Pans and Palette 26mm pans

Glitter (please only use eye safe glitters only!)


Empty Syringe (easier to mix the alcohol,glycerin and aloe)

Tooth Picks




3 parts alcohol

2 parts glycerin

1 part aloe

Step 1:

In a small bowl you will mix all of these items together. Now the consistency of the 3 ingredients can be a little challenging to mix , this is why I used an empty syringe to load the 3 ingredients and then I would pull back a number of times. So I will load the syringe, then express it back out. I did this a number of times so as to get it all mixed together perfectly.

Step 2:

Once you have all the ingredients mixed perfectly you will need to clean your eyeshadow pan with the alcohol before you begin.

Next you will take approximately 1 part of the solution ( I measured to the #1 line of the syringe) and dispense into the pan.

I added a small amount of glitter and slowly begin to mix. I can’t stress enough how being patient is super important. You want the consistency to be the same in the middle as it is towards the outside of the pan. Using the toothpick mix the first load well. slowly add more glitter and then a little more of the mixture. You want it to be a somewhat mousse consistency not too run but not too thick. Now you will use up a decent amount of your liters for this process so be sure to have a decent amount. I personally used some of my MAC glitters and some other random brands that I happen to have on hand.

Step 3:

The waiting period. Now this is where it can be a bit tricky. Some videos I watched some said to wait 24 hrs before touching them some said 6 hrs. Personally I waited the 24hrs as these will be delicate since well it is glitter.

Step 4:

You are going to take your newly made pan, and insert it into a ziplock. I apologize for not photographing each step along the way never imagined I would do a post on it lol. You will now want to take your quarter and gently press the glitter into the pan packing it in ever so gently over the ziplock. The quarter is the exact circumference as the shadow pan so it should sit right on top. Gently rub over it and it should smooth it out and pack it in gently.

Step 5:

Walk away! leave it alone for another 24 hrs!  I know I know you are dying to dip your fingers into that shiny pan of goodness but I assure you , you will ruin all the hard work you put in and make an unsightly dent in your pan.


Now I will say this I found that certain glitters did better than others for some reason.Certain MAC ones didn’t do to well and think it is the size of the actual glitters. The chunky ones didn’t do to well in this process. IMG_1243

Once the process is complete you can go ahead and use them. With these you don’t want to swatch like you would any other shadow. You want to tap either with your finger or brush and will work great and wear well. I have enjoyed them and find that I use them a little more since its nice and neat on my vanity and not so intimidating in terms of mess. Hope you guys found this helpful. Let me know if you take this challenge on and if there are any other posts you want to see!



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  1. sahdia


    I enjoyed reading your post. I have a question though, does the glitter eyeshadow stay put and how long does it last?

    1. kiana

      Mold will not grow if you keep your glitters in a dry place. Do not add water either!
      Try keeping your glitters in a cool spot, your drawer or find something to cover it. Do not leave it out in the open.
      I’ve heard stories about some pressed glitters growing mold but it depends on how good you take care of them.
      keep them in a safe place!
      I’ve also heard that some people use Shea butter or bees wax instead of aloe or glycerin.
      hope this helps!

  2. Rosie Smith

    Hey im trying this out and have followed ur exact steps. Only its been 24 hours and my pan still has this weird jelloish consistancy? If i try to tap it it completely leaves marks? Im thinking maybs i should let it dry a little longer but it just doesmt seem like it is right . Is the over all consistancy dry and like a regular eyeshadow or is it creamy or jelloish

  3. Post
  4. Emily nesbitt

    I’ve made them and left them for 24 hours and they are still sticky and gooey am I able to put them in the fridge to set quicker

  5. Alma Anderson

    Your very clever I was wondering how to glitter eyeshadow. I have a question, is the alcohol only for cleaning? In you instructions you state:in a bowl mix all the ingredients together, does his include the alcohol? Thanks for your help!

  6. Louise Palmer

    I have tried too.. And mine have gone exactly the same.. Im not sure where ive gone wrong x

  7. julia...

    I know this post isn’t news, but I’d like to share that I had the same problem as Rosie Smith: 24, 48, 72 hours later I still had some sort of a jello glitter pan…

    So here’s what I was able to figure out to “fix” this problem: mix only the glycerin and the aloe together, and then pour it just a little at each time, stirring with the tooth pick until you have sort of a paste consistence, more chunky than smooth. Then, add the rubbing alcohol in order to get a liquid consistence (it will dry, anyway).

    Just 2 hours later all the alcohol will be evaporated, and then you’ll be able to press the pan with the quarter. 😉

    Hope this tip can be useful to someone!

    kisses from Brazil!

  8. Sara navarro

    Follow SassyEyeGlitter on Instagram they make affordable awesome Eye Glitters just like these!

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