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Hi my beauties! I know I know, it has been long overdue but honestly just have let life get ahead of me and well seemed to have lost the motivation and the need to share anything beauty related. It is easy to get caught in the funk of the day to day and feel like your little posts in cyberspace actually get read, but I truly miss keeping you all informed on some of my faves and some of the newest and greatest beauty items that are out. So without further ado here are my faves ! As you can see  it is mainly drugstore and budget friendly so lets get into beauties!


Lets first talk about this awesome ELF Blush Palette


So naturally seeing as I have been a huge fan of theirs for years now , I had to try it since well these seem to be flooding all the social platforms lol. I have to say I was very pleased and probably the best $6 have ever spent on a makeup product. I was drawn to this naturally because it wasn’t a cheesy pink and and well unflattering selection of shades. I am on the warm side NC40 shade range , so finding a good blush for my skin tone can be a little tricky at times. This particular palette is the Dark version and I found it at my local Target.



NYX Matte Bronzer in Medium

I am sure like most of us from the Contouring , Highlighting , baking craze we have all been on the hunt for contouring shades . Whether its just to add some warmth to your face or to contour I really have always loved the NYX brand. I like this bronzer because it doesn’t go muddy and it isn’t so red based in my opinion so it does a great job in contouring for me.

Ralph Lauren Ralph Girl Rollerball


I am awful at describing scents let me just be honest here. I am also very very picky when it comes to scent. Scent to me is very personal and extremely important to me. I never leave the house without spraying something on .I have loved this perfume since I can remember and it is just refreshing and not overpowering. The rollerballs are a bit pricey at $25 but if you aren’t looking to commit to a full size just yet then these are always great options and are awesome for travel and to keep in your purse on the go.


Color Pop Prenup Blush



Ok you guys if you haven’t already you most definitely need to check out Colour Pop Cosmetics.I am sure you have seen all the videos and posts about them and I love them. I have a vast collection of their lippie sticks and shadows and their blushes are just as awesome. They are more of a gel like consistency so I recommend using a synthetic brush to apply. It gives the most gorgeous color on the cheeks without looking like you just ran a marathon.They are super affordable and a must in any beauty junkies collection.


Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation



So I have been looking for a new foundation from the drugstore I can use for my everyday that isn’t going to be cake and well being in the dental field and constantly putting on and taking off a face mask, requires something that can sustain frequent rubbing periodically and long wearing. For starters love that it comes with a pump! Love pumps and saves from wasting so much product. I will say it does have a distinct scent I don’t care much for but doesn’t bother me too much. It goes for about $10 so doesn’t break the bank and the coverage is so good. You guys seriously I was so impressed by the coverage I actually had to make sure the next time I used it I used less product because it almost gave me a full coverage application! I still use concealer as I have some serious panda bear circles under my eyes lol, but not too bad I must say.




Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in Lust

Ok guys so I am going to apologize right off the bat. Seeing as I have been a little out of the loop, it seems like this little guy isn’t so easy to find anymore and apparently only can do so on Amazon in this particular shade. I can kick myself for not getting a backup because I am truly obsessed with this shade. It works so well with my complexion and so long wearing. After an 8+ hour work day and like I said before, while placing and removing my mask at work this still was on without cracking and over drying my lips! So if you can get your hands on one I highly recommend!



L’oreal Smooth Intense Balm


I believe the packaging has been reformulated for this so may not look the same when you go to look for it but have had it for such a long time haven’t replaced it yet. I have had Keratin treatment on my hair done a couple times now in an attempt to tame my frizz and make my curls a little more manageable. I find that this in my hair before I blow-dry is a major step and a great addition to my hair routine. A little goes a long way and really has made my whole blow drying experience so much easier to do. Offers great heat protection and definitely smooths out my hair nicely.



Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water


So I am a liquid makeup remover kind of girl. I like wipes for quick cleanups and to use on clients but for me personally, in order to really get my mascara and eyeliner off thoroughly, I need a liquid and a cotton swab. That being said for the most part 6oz bottles are close to $6-7 a bottle if not more if you go with Lancome or something else. So I was on a mission to find something that gave me more bang for my buck . I had used Bioderma some time ago and really liked it but was only able to get it online which was frustrating. I was so happy that Garnier came out with their own. This not only cleans off my makeup around my eyes, but after I was my face with my facial cleanser, I go back with this and it removes whatever I left behind leaving my skin feeling soft and clean and not dry. Best part is that it is Alcohol , fragrance and oil free! There is also a sensitive skin version of this in a blue bottle as well in case that is an option you all are interested in.


Laura Geller Filter Finish Setting Powder in Universal


I was at my local Ulta when I stumbled across this and was intrigued by the different shades and description. So I of course did some research online and saw a few videos and said ok Im gonna give this a try sounds great. So glad I did. It is all about the “filter’ flawless complexion and sets your foundation while giving that glow from within without looking like a disco ball. I have quite a few Laura Geller products and all work great. Just swirl all over the face and will really give you a radiant complexion!


I hope you guys enjoyed my thoughts on some of my faves and think I will be back with another post soon! I have missed it so much and would love any feedback you guys have. I am somewhat new to the wordpress platform so please be patient as I work out the kinks in some of my tabs and posts.Let me know what kind of posts you guys would like to see. I will get back into doing looks for you guys and a few fun things.


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