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Hello beauties I know has been a while but it has been a very complicated few months but in an effort to keep my mind of off things, I decided to do a D.I.Y which I hadn’t done in some time. In my new Beauty Space I wanted to add some sort of Unique Makeup Inspired art work and was thinking of fun ideas. So if you are anything like me and Collect makeup items and hoard the packaging it comes in , then here is a neat idea! I saw a few videos on youtube  recently and saw pictures and Lightbulb went off. I could kick myself now for not having done this sooner. To think of all of the makeup packages and boxes that have gone unloved in the trash can lolMakeup Canvas


OK So there is a variety of ways you could approach this project. I have seen some glue them directly to a canvas, put them in a shadowbox, or in an empty picture frame. They are all amazing Ideas. I went with the canvas method and love the turnout.


Materials Needed:

Canvas of your choosing(18×24 is the one shown)

Hot Glue Gun and Lots of Glue Refills

All your Favorite Makeup Boxes and Packaging

Lots of Patience!

OK to begin I literally searched through all my makeup items and managed to pull together a decent amount for at least 1 canvas. i would like to do another but will have to accumulate some boxes to do so.You want to make sure that you lay out your vision 1st and foremost. I redid my layout twice before I finally got it the way I wanted .

Canvas 2

Now is a good time to get all of those Limited Edition and pretty packaging out. I was fortunate enough to have some friends donate to the cause and some that well couldn’t part with their beauties or were inspired to do one of their own.

canvas 1

Be prepared to rearrange and move things round  bit. Take a picture of the layout you lie once you know how you want it to be glued down. Once that is hot glued, there is no repositioning or changing your mind beauties! For me the hardest part was making sure there were no visible blank spaces between the boxes. I also wanted it to be a 3-D sort of Canvas so I layered some of the smaller boxes onto of others ensuring I didn’t cover the Logo or any design of the packaging. Canvas 4

I am so happy with the way it turned out. I want to put it on my wall but I haven’t finalized the exact location and for what I am trying to do, i would need another canvas done 1st. Let me know if you guys enjoy these posts. I love doing creative things that not many think of doing. Feel free to share your pics with me and follow me on my social platforms. Have some fun posts lined up for you all.



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See you again soon beauties!

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