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Hello my Bloggies so I recently purchased the Sigma Dry n Shape System and have had some time to use it and wanted to review it for you all.

You do your makeup in the Morning before you go to work. Then Maybe you want to go out for the evening for a party, dinner etc. Now Me Personally I never use the same brush 2x after I have already used it once for a makeup application. Well because of that I found myself frequently out of Clean Brushes and having to purchase many brush sets to ensure I always had a back up.

Before I would Wash them and then use my Brush Guards to Shape them and let dry overnight because some of them were so dense they took forever and a day it seemed to dry out !

$30 on there Site.
No More Waiting Forever.
I mentioned recently in one of my Fave’s posts that I am in Love with this New Brush Cleaner I learned about from DulceCandy87 and she had such great things to say about this soap so I tried it out since I had run out of my Pink Soap. Now I swore by my Pink Soap and I have to Say Dr. Bronner Castille Soap is now my Holy Grail Brush Cleaner Hands Down! 
16oz for $9.99 at Target
320z for $15.75 at Target
Also Somes in a Variety of Scents:
Mild Baby Shampoo Version
Tea Tree
Comes with Instruction and Care Pamphlet:
Some Info on the Dry n Shape System from the Website:
Tired of waiting for your brushes to dry after washing them? Wait no more! Introducing the revolutionary Sigma Beauty Dry n Shape system! The Dry n Shape was designed to completely dry and shape your most dense brushes within 4 to 6 hours, guaranteed. 

The Dry�n Shape provides the necessary pressure to bristles to quickly and efficiently remove water from every fibre.  The fabric used to shape the bristles was specially engineered to accelerate water evaporation, resulting in a faster drying time for your brushes.
So we Begin by Washing the Brushes:
A few Drops of Dr. Bronners Soap in my Hand:
With the Brush Always Facing down because otherwise water will run into the Ferrule of the Brush ( the Metal Part that Keeps the Bristles together) and will dissolve the glue that keeps all of the bristles together.
As you can see a few drops go a loooong way!
With a Back and Forth Sideways Motion I gently clean the Brush removing all of the makeup etc from my previous makeup application.
Give it a Good rinse and Still While Holding it down:

Squeeze out any excess water as much as you can will help to dry brushes faster as well.
Before using Dr. Bronner’s Soap:

After Washing:
At this Point we go to the Sigma Dry n Shape System:
You need to find the Loop that Best will Fit whichever Brush you are using:
Remember you want it to fit snug enough so when you feed it through it will shape the Bristles at the end!

Repeat with the Rest of your Brushes:
My only Gripe with this System:
Only 2 Slots for Eyeshadow Brushes. I think they Should make a System just for Eyeshadow Brushes but thats just me.
Now some people just lay it flat on a surface and leave it as is , I like to do this:
For me by Keeping it Upside Down will Ensure and excess water Drips down and away from the Ferrule
I do this by just Flipping Upside Down and Clasp in the 2 Buttons Together on the Top and Bottom:
Now I place it on my Radiator and Wait about 4 Hours:
Dried  and Ready To Go:
My Overall Opinion is that it is Absolutely worth $30 just for the fact that even the most dense brushes are dried within hours time. I wish it had more space for Eyeshadow Brushes but they dry pretty quickly so I am not hung up on that . I purchased this system on my own and I hope to get a few more things in the near future from Sigma. I love that its Affordable and such innovative products they always come out  with . The Quality is of Leather and is great over all. May need to get a 2nd in the Future but for now it is working great for me and Plan to use it most definitely when traveling!
Future Posts:
Lime Crime
Scrubs ( Face, Feet, Hands etc)
Skin Care
Travel Makeup Organizing

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  1. JC ♔

    Great review! I love all of the photos. I may actually buy the Dry’n Shape once I have enough commission points on my account.

  2. Julia Storri-bilek

    what a great review!! I’m British and I have just had the sigma set of 5 synthetic kabuki brushes AND the sigma dry ‘n shape delivered to Europe.I have just used the sigma dry ‘n shape after seeing your review and it really helped a lot especially the great tip of how you dry your brushes upside down so the damp/wetness doesn’t travel up the ferrule and ruin the brushes over time! Very clear photos! Thank you for taking the time to go on line and show us what you think of it and how you personally use it!
    Julia x

  3. Cathy

    Hi Julie,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know that I was of help. I still continue to use my dry n shape and in fact think I need a second with the amount of brushes I clean. Glad it all worked out for you.

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