November 2017 Faves

Hi Beauties! It has been soo long! I have missed posting for some time now and well naturally life and adulting sometimes gets in the way of doing your favorite things. I promised myself I was going to put a post out no matter what I was doing this weekend I can not believe this year is Almost over. 


I wanted to share a snippet of some of my beauty faves this month. There are so many things I want to share with you guys just finding the time to do it all is the challenge. I will also be doing a fun holiday gift idea/wishlist for all of your beauty junkies out there too.




I am a concealaholic. There I said it lol. I have serious panda circles and am always on the hunt for an amazing concealer. I love the Mac Pro Longer Concealer and the Tarte Shape Tape. The tube is huge and the doe foot applicator is as well. Personally I don’t mind it at all. I love how well it covers but also how long it lasts me. I work in a very busy office and well long days and hours sometimes my lack of sleep shows. I am impressed at how well this holds up after 14 hr day and a gym session. I usually go 1-2 shades lighter to brighten my under eye. This is in the shade medium which is perfect for me.


Now I sometimes apply my concealer with my fingers but when my nails are long I tend to reach for a brush and lately have loving the way the Sedona Lace EB11 Synthetic brush works or my concealer. Leaves no streaks and blends perfectly under the eye.





Now some people may have hear of this brand and some may not have. For those of you that have not I promise you will not be disappointed. Juvias Place has some of the most pigmented shadows I have tried in a while. The packaging is so unique and always vibrant and colorful. The customer service is also impressive. I had ordered a palette and unfortunately was damaged when I opened it. Few of the shadows were shattered. I emailed customer service and they responded the next day and offered to replace with a new one. Unfortunately the new one also came shattered and I emailed them to thank them and not to worry that I would repair on my own seeing as they had already replaced one. I know a lot of us love our pretties and are super bummed when you are anxiously awaiting to play and use your products. I do understand that sometimes things are out of the control of the business and things are going to happen in transit. They even offered to refund me half and I said not to worry appreciated all they had already done.


The pans are a lot larger than the average shadow palettes which gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Also best part is that they are so affordable. So head over to Juvia’s Place and check out these awesome palettes. There is a mix of shimmer and matte shades and find that will work with most complexions and you can always find a coupon code to save even more!



No lets talk lippies. I am also a lipstick junkie. I remember the days where I wouldn’t go anything that was matte always had to be glossy. Now past few years I love a liquid lipstick and appreciate them more being in the dental field. We put on take off our face makes throughout the day and are talking eating and what have you as well and need something that can keep up with everything I do . I love Jeffree Star Cosmetics velour liquid lipsticks. They retail for $18 and are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.They honestly have the most amazing formula and the applicator isn’t like most it almost hugs your lips and gives you the most precise application. My collection has grown and well seems every time I get on line he has a new collection bye bye money lol.  I also love the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and find that both his and her line are the best in my personal opinion for me at the moment.

I recently purchased this shade called Calabasas and Its the perfect fall shade. I do not like brown lip colors on me , however this has almost a reddish brown hint to it that for me is very wearable and great for everyday. It does not clump in the corners of my mouth and does not feel drying at all. At the end of the work day I have a little wear on my bottom lip but for about 85% of the day I do not need to touch up at all. I am not the average girl in that sense I have some items in my makeup bag in my purse but for some reason never been one to touchup throughout the day or fuss w my face. Once its done its done and comes off at bed time.

Next Up I have mentioned before is the line by Makeup Revolution. They are super affordable and can find them at your local Ulta or online depending on where you live. This highlighter is in the shade Golden Lights and its gorgeous on the top of your cheek bones or eye brow bone . Not too shimmery to where you feel like a disco ball but honey you will a glow seen from outer space if you want to lol.


Next up is my Mascara fave of the moment. There is a lot of hype around this Loreal Mascara. Retails for $9.99 and it is suppose to be close dupe for the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara which retails for $23. In my opinion that one did not work well for me. Now in no way bragging but thankfully I am fortunate enough to have decent lashes so I will know after a few uses if this is really a great mascara or not. I personally feel that it is all int he wand itself sometimes and not so much the actual product. Make sense?



So claims to give Voluptuous Volume and Length. I have the length therefore always look for the volume and the application itself.


So far I really am enjoying this mascara. Almost has an hourglass shape to it and feel like it grips all of my lashes without clumping them up. Now I will say I find that I have to replace more frequently than my other mascaras. Im finding that after repeated use it dries up and hard to close the tube which then allows for even more air to get in making it even more dry. So that’d my only complaint at the moment . Otherwise I love the application and I usually use a Lash Comb by Tweezerman when Im doing my eyes to further separate my lashes and finding don’t really have to fuss as much with this one.



Here you can see my lashes are somewhat decent and although yes using a filter, there is no filter on my eyes at all here. Its definitely an affordable alternative to the Too Faced mascara. Its all a matter of preference honestly.


Next up is this Inglot Palette that I have had of so long but always come back to it. I love Inglot and if you have had the chance to go to one you know what I mean. Their freedom systems are customizable and the palettes are magnetic making it great to travel with and especially for makeup artists that need multiple items and like to condense their kits. The are super sturdy and the pigmentation you get with Inglot is amazing as well. Im like a kid in a candy store when I go inside. There is an array of finishes as well whether you like shimmer, matte, satin , metallic you name it Inglot has it covered.



Another Favorite of mine is the Mac Fix+. Now many think this is a setting spray. It is great to refresh not so much to set will give you a nice dewey finish. Also great to use before applying your foundation. Laves you with a nice cool refreshed feel. I love this travel sized one for on the go and especially when I want to foil my shadows. I get a lot of questions as to how I get my shadows to almost seem shimmery or metallic and this is the secret ingredient. I wet my brush and dip into my loose pigment and will dramatically increase the effect and make it even more long wearing in my opinion.I have a full size and a travel size. There are also so many other great sprays by MAC that I have been meaning to try and with the holidays around the corner, I have already spotted some also gift sets that include them.

I hope you guys find my faves as awesome as I do. I have so many ideas and things I would like to post. Feel fee to give input. I still have to work out some kinks on the site and since I had stepped away for a bit have to get back into it.


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