Battle of the Boxes

Hello my lovely bloggies so I recently was on twitter and had been reading about this beauty sample box called Birch Box. Now it is similar to another post I did on another sample box I had received from another company. The idea is that for $10 a month you get a box filled with samples of different products and maybe 2-3 full size items as well. You can also purchase the full size items of the samples you liked from there website as well.

Todays Comparisons:

So here is my 1st Birch Box:
A peek Inside:
Informational Card that comes with it to let you know about whats in the Box:
My 4th Go Go Girlfriend Box:
A peek Inside:
Birch Box Impressions:
  1. Impressed with Packaging very nice and Simple and Professional looking
  2. Attention to Detail on every aspect of the Package
  3. Communication from the Company was great received Confirmation and tracking of my package
  4. Not as many products but more Higher end Items which is a Super +
  5. Great Perks If you review products you earn points that will let you use them towards boxes etc
  6. Longer Shipping I feel to me
Go Go GirlFriend Impressions:
  1. Packaging not as nice as the other shipments I received
  2. Does Include description of all items but on regular paper not on a card like Birch Box
  3. A Lot more Samples in this Month’s box, but not really higher end things
Overall to me BirchBox has won my heart . It is very affordable and am more impressed with this company. There are a few other sites that offer something like this.
Beauty Sample Box Sites:
  1. Birch Box  $10/month
  2. Go Go Girlfriend $12.99 a month or $6.99 each month and U get a box every 2 mos.
  3. My Pretty Pink Box Price Varies per Month ranges $10-$15 per month
  4. Test Tube  $29.95 per month
  5. Beauty Fix $49.99 per month you choose the 8 products you want.

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  1. scott.lashea

    Hey doll it’s me Shea’ or as you know me MsSweetshea! I am with you 100% when it comes to Birch Box! I have been receiving them for 3 months now and have been pretty happy! I love how they package the box and the beautiful card with all the info and how they explain the sample and the cost of the full size product!
    Glad you joined Birch Box!

  2. Jessica Imperial.

    Nice! That’s good to know. I didn’t even know that companies offer beauty sample boxes. And $10/month is not that bad for a box of goodies. The Go Go Girlfriend box looked like it comes with more in it.

  3. Cathy

    @ Shea OMG thanks for stopping by I loove my Birchbox glad I joined the Birch Box Madness ha ha. Love there packaging and details!

    @ Jessica The Go Go Girlfriend varies this month I got a lot in comparison to the last 2 ones they were pretty small. But I agree $10 is def affordable and its a neat idea

  4. Cathy

    @ Sweet Surrender So glad I was of Help I dont think I have heard of anyone who hasn’t like there Birch Box yet. BTW Love your Blog nice to know some artistic people I admire people who cant paint and be artsy since I lack in that area. Would love to see some things you do !

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