Hello everyone and welcome to page! My name is Cathy and I am the face behind this Pinktastic Universe! I hope you will enjoy all of the insight I have on all of the upcoming trends in the beauty industry! From the perfect shade of red lipstick for your skin tone,to the must have skin care regimen, I will have all of your bases covered. This is my little space to keep you all informed.

I am a dental assistant in the pediatric field and truly enjoy my career. When I am not making little ones smile and teaching them the importance of brushing well, I am sharing my insight to the rest of the world on what is new and exciting in the beauty industry. I am a self taught makeup artist and work on clients from time to time to help perfect my craft. Everything from baking, to crafting, to reading is pretty much what I love and enjoy doing.

My pinktastic life lets you in on what I find interesting and absolutely love and what I feel my readers would benefit in knowing.

So sit back relax, take some notes and stay in touch!

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