Wet n Wild Dream Weavers Collection

Hey My Gorgeous Dolls, I recently got my Hands on the New Wet n Wild Dream Weavers Collection Trios. I love love these trios . There are brights and fun Colors. Some I do have to say have some colors that may be similar to to other collections they have had.

A total of 6 in this Collection:
** Enter a New Realm reminds me of Night Elf !!!**
Bright Idea
Under Desk Lamp Lighting:

With Flash:
Fly me to the Moon:

Enter a New Realm:

Dancing in the Clouds:
We’re Blasting Off:

Earth Looks Small From Down There:

So my palette challenge has gotten significantly harder as you can see. I am debating wether or not to De pot this palettes and put them in a large palette together or to leave them as is. I just find these to be a space consuming . On the other hand once in a big palette hard to keep them together in the same group and you don’t really know the name of the palette the color is from . Any Suggestions? 
Rumor has it that Wet n Wild will be discontinuing the 9 Color Palettes sometime around June of 2012. So there is still time for all you ladies to get your hands on them !
Thanks to the Gorgeous Morena Barbee for the info!

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  1. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Lucky you! I want these too. But they are always so hard to find around here, they fly off the shelves! By the way, you have been on a roll for the month of July. So many posts to read, I love it 🙂

  2. Cathy

    Hey Amber at my local Harmons not sure if they have any by you but I had no idea how scarce they have been! So many ladies tryin to find these

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