Revamped Vanity and Makeup Goodies!

Hey Everyone so I recently was tired of looking at my bare wall when I was doing my makeup so I figured I would Spruce it up a bit:
My New and Improved Makeup Brush Holders:

Some New Stuff I got or Have Had a Bit:

A Smokey Pink :

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  1. Anonymous

    Absolutely loving your blog. This has a potential for growth or even picking up into a career you may looove. I am a fan and lovin it so far! Request: You should do a make up tutorial on here maybe post it and use youtube. (Just a thought) Thanks for sharing your pinktastic life! hugs! Aura

  2. Cathy

    Aww thanks so much I am so intimidated by youtube I will definitely give it a go soon as I can get ideas for some looks. Thanks for the support Its viewers like you that keep me motivated!

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