New Vanity Mirror!

Hello my lovely bloggies. My Hubby and I made a trip to Ikea this evening to get a couple of odds and ends. We decided to look into a dreadful project that I had been wanting to accomplish and was never able to because of the difficulty we were having in the apartment we live in  The walls are very old and have what I think is Concrete behind the wooden panels. Yes I said panels ! I know but hey I work w what I have. So I had my eye on thisVanity Mirror:

I have been wanting this for like ever and well it comes w a hefty price tag. It comes in Black, Silver, and Pink. If you had to guess what color I was gonna go with then Shame on you!
My Hubby was so patient with me in trying to accomplish what I wanted and made it happen for me
What better than a Home Made vanity Mirror:
It is incredibly Bright and I think it came out Amazing. The picture does it no Justice whatsoever!
We didn’t realize until the end that we never took down the pictures 1st but then we liked the way it looked behind the mirror.
We did have to add a plug to the light strip because it is meant to me wired electrically, we didn’t know that it didn’t come with a plug. At ikea the way they had it displayed lead us to believe it was a plug in strip. This did not come with the Bulbs Either. So after a short trip to Home depot we were able to get the bulbs needed and the plug accessory that hubby needed to attach to the ikea strip.
He ran the Power cord behind the mirror and I have a power strip underneath that I can just switch on/off.
From Up Close!
The Light Strip $14.99

The Mirror $9.99

So I am so thrilled that my Hubby did this for me . It has made such a difference in my little area and  even though it may not be Pink it means so much more that it was done especially for me!

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  1. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Aww, how great is that? So, so sweet. I think it looks awesome. And I bet it looks even better in person. The camera never does anything justice. Good for you guys, you accomplished a project together and it is wonderful. Have fun (more fun!) applying makeup!

  2. Kat

    This is absolutely amazing!!! I love it!!! I love your station!!! Its just absolutely gorgeous I LOVE ITT!!!

  3. Cathy

    Hi Kat thanks so much for stopping by, I am in the middle of adding to my little station here so will post soon with an update and some more ideas for everyone.

  4. Cathy

    @ Wifezilla Hekela Thanks Girly I am in the middle of reorganizing that Pink Tower because all the drawers come of the tracks and arent deep enough Going this week to replace it with something from the Container Store thats soo much better. Cant wait to finish and update you all!

  5. Anonymous

    I know this post was awhile ago, but i thought it was worth a try to comment! I love your lighting (and your whole vanity area)! How did you guys attach the wiring to the wall? Do you know the name of the thing your husband got at Home Depot to replace wiring it directly to the wall?? Argh, I have been wanting to do this forever now, and I can’t figure it out!!

  6. Cynthia Reyes

    I looooove this!! I’m going to attempt this, but I have a question. The table top looks like it has pictures underneath some glass..? Did you make that? What did you use, where did you get the materials? Thank you so much!

  7. Cher

    I love your makeup brush holders. Where did you get them? Or did you make them? If you made them can you please tell me how and where you got the pictures?

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