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Hello my beauties! It has been far too long and I apologize sincerely for being away. As you all know life sometimes can get ahead of you and well I have been blessed with so many amazing new things over the past year or so and finally am able to get back into the swing of my beauty blog. I have missed it terribly and although I may be only 1 of thousands of blogs out there, I take pride in my little site in the blog universe.


I decided that my old blog platform needed a serious facelift and my taste had evolved and I had so may amazing ideas for the new platform.  I enlisted the help of an awesome web guy and together we came up with a clean yet feminine touch to My Pinktastic Life. I was on blogger for sometime and it is extremely user friendly for those just starting in the blog world. However you are a bit limited with customization and what not. I am still learning how to navigate wordpress and all the bells and whistles that comes along with it. So I ask that you all be just a little patient as I make some tweaks to some of the things on my new page and customize it the way it needs to be. I truly hope that it’s easier to navigate for everyone and that most importantly you find it easier to get the information you are looking for in the beauty world.


Some updates:


I recently moved from New Jersey to Florida! For those of you that may not follow me on social media , this is the reason why for the most part I was a bit MIA. My husband and I worked hard to save for the home we wanted and in this new home I finally have my own little diva space!


The space still needs a lot of work but slowly it will all come together. As you all know moving is a whole lot of work but from one state to the next is even more work! We have been here a few months and have made a lot of improvements to our new home and are so happy.


This whole experience has been rewarding, stressful, emotional , and well a ton of different emotions wrapped into one.  Enjoying every step of the way in my new home, job and life in the sunshine state.


What to expect from the new site:


One of the challenges I have faced with blogging is the timing. It is a lot of work to maintain and update a blog. I give a ton of credit to those who do this for a living and have the time to dedicate to posting. It is also a lot of work making sure you put out content that your readers want to read and good information to keep people engaged. With beauty trends and makeup products changing constantly, it is not only a lot of work in the writing department but in the financial department as well. Staying on top of the newest Mac collections and holiday items that come out every 2 minutes, it can definitely put a strain on the purse. As much as I love beauty blogging and keeping everyone in the loop , I am also very aware of my priorities and always make sure that my beauty budget is comfortable and never do I let my hobby overshadow my other responsibilities. With becoming a new home owner, naturally things have to be shifted around a bit and can’t splurge as much but have learned that I can comfortably still do the things I want just at a different pace and in a different way.

After I work out a few kinks on the new site I have a few ideas and topics I would like to work on weekly for everyone. I would love any input you guys have ! I am so glad to be back and rest assured My PinktasticLife is going to be even more fab and exciting than its been!


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