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Hello gorgeous people I know it is Monday everyone’s least favorite day of the week. thankfully I am off on Mondays so I no longer have to endure that horrible feeling lol. Anyway’s I feel like it has been a while since I did a little haul post for you guys so wanted to share some awesome goodies I have gotten over the last few weeks.

Yea I know lots of goodies but so many deals and steals on most of them !

So lets start with these fabulous Beauty Blender Dupes!

The Beauty blender retails for about $20 give or take depending on where you buy it from . So many other companies have come out with similar like Sonia Kashuk, SOHO, Crown I think.

I learned about these from a You tuber I love and I just had to check it out because I love my beauty blender but the price is steep.

These were purchased from Le Cosmetique   for $4.95!!! Oh yea!
This is a great site for makeup artist to get the supplies needed for their kits.

So I got quite a few actually got 6 using the yellow one currently and testing out the durability so far loving the application. It expands when wet just like the BB. That is a big difference to me from the other sponges I have tried. They didn’t expand making them a bit to firm for me to apply foundation with.

I also purchased this Japonesque lash curler from there too. Now not quite sure if I am loving this so far. IDK maybe I need to figure out how to use it right idk just ant get the hang of it for some reason.

I also picked up this Graftobian HD Creme Corrector in Soft Orange for my under eye cirlces. I am trying to venture out and explore other brands and have heard Graftobian is great. They have foundation and concealer palettes as well. I love this corrector and reminds me of Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in consistency.

I finally got my hands on this Benefit Mascara. Now I love mascaras just like the next girl but if I am picky about one beauty product it is definitely mascara. I have pretty decent lashes so I can usually tell when a mascara claims to do a certain thing and it in fact does. So far I like that it definitely defines every single lash for me. I like the little spikes at the end to get those corner lashes. I think it is a bit too wet for me but definitely liking it and have been using it every day for about a week now.


Ok so I know I owe you all a concealer post but I just have been waiting so I can add this in. I learned about this line on you tube as well and decided to give it a go since I was looking for something a little more long lasting. I wear a mask at work 90% of the time while working with patients and was finding that my concealer and makeup just wasnt lasting . Well I have finally found my favorite concealer you guys. This is a heavy duty no joke Bye Bye Under Eye type concealer. It is a bit heavier but what I love about it is that its waterproof. It is not budging ! The shade matches me perfectly and brightens my under eye so well. 

I also wanted to try the setting powder so was so excited when I got the sample with my purchase. I have never been to keen on setting powders so gotta give this a try .

So while tweeting the other day ( tweeting , instagraming, pinning they get me in all kinds of trouble I tell ya lol) I learned that Big Lots had some awesome name brand goodies at there store. I love Philosophy products so def took advantage of the sale. 

At 1st I really did not like this. Has a pink iridescence to it and wasn’t sure how it would show up on me, but learning to love it actually.

This powder was kinda mehh. Packaging is prettier I think lol. Its an ok powder I suppose. 

My nails are finally starting to get long again. It had been a while I wasnt taking such good care of them and well now they are like claws and I am obsessed with designing them now . Cant wait to try these out.

Another goodie I forgot to mention I got at Le Cosmetique was this gorgeous Lip Tar! Pictures do it no justice guys like HOTT PINK!!!

I love my Wet n Wild products so I just had to snag this I have never seen it before!

Barely Legal – Peachy Keen-  Within these Adobe Walls-                   Salsa Lessons -Its a Girl
     911D                              966                                 905D

Now I took advantage of a sale RitAid was having on 40% so as any beauty junkie would I went nuts!

OCC Lip Tar Anime
NYX X-treme Lip Creme in Nude Peach Fuzz
W&W 911D
W&W 966
W&W 905D
W&W Bare-ly Legal
W&W Peachy Keen
W&W Within these Adobe Walls
W&W Salsa Lessons
W&W Its a Girl

** Completely forgot to mention the NYX lippy I picked up too included the swatch tho**

Hope you enjoyed this little post now to find a home for all my new goodies! 

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  1. Mrs.Makeup

    You got some good stuff! I love those sponges I have been getting those from LeCosmetique for a few months now. I did what you did and I have a rainbow of colors hehe..I love all those lippies you got, I wish I was near a Rite Aid

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