Spring Haulage

Hello my gorgeous dolls it is a lazy Sunday today and figured would get some much needed blogging. My vanity was started to get cluttered with items I had been putting aside to blog for you guys. You know when we get an item we cant just dig in and rip it open Have to do photos swatches etc lol.

Anywho here are a few items I have picked up :

I had been on a hunt to find a large eye makeup remover. The L’Oreal one I use is almost $6 for 3.4 oz. Well this item kinda turns out to be the same thing for 500ml but had wanted to try it since I had been reading up on it and had gotten some great reviews. I have been using it for about a week and am happy with it. I have very sensitive skin and eyes and was finding that my Sonia Kashuk one was giving me a reaction. This is fragrance free and is much like a watery consistency. 
I got it here on Amazon for $28

Specially formulated for the sensitive normal to dry skins, Bioderma Crealine H2O Micelle Solution guarantees a mild cleansing of face and eyes (eliminates waterproof make up). Micells allow a perfect micro-emulsion of the stains while respecting the cutaneous balance (soap free, physiological pH. Soothing and decongestant active ingredients prevent from sensations of irritation, often linked to cleansing. Buy Crealine H2O, and save on the best micelle solution. Excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance. Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, phenoxyethanol-free.

I am sure most of you have heard of this setting spray. I have been using my ELF Mist and Set for a while. I absolutely love it but my only gripe w the ELF one is that it really isn’t a Mist per say.
This one does just that and sprays the finest perfect mist and is so refreshing. THis comes in a variety of sizes. 
I got this one on Amazon for $15 for the small one to try out. I am happy with it. I dont use foundation every single day but I wear my tinted moisturizer and bare minerals. I wear a face mask at work all day so I needed something long lasting that would withstand the constant on and off I do at work. Has been pretty good I have to say.
Skindinavia makeup finishes holds makeup flawlessly for 16 hours. When your makeup has to look perfect all day and night, our sprays are for you. Skindinavia’s makeup finishing sprays work expertly to prevent loss of color, melting, sliding, caking, excess shininess, fading eye shadow, blush, and foundation. Our hypoallergenic sprays are applied in a micro fine mist over makeup or directly on your makeup brush or sponge. 9 out of 10 women agree that Skindinavia holds makeup perfectly for 16 hours. Independent trials 6/2011. Tested by 35 women for one week in temperatures averaging 105 farenheit. The “original makeup saver” ultrafine makeup setting spray the Skindinavia makeup finishing spray was first used on movie sets to hold makeup under hot lights, to minimize the need for touchups and control excess shine. Skindinavia makeup finishing sprays are still used in hollywood and on broadway stages. This great year-round mist keeps makeup from melting in the summer and drying out in winter.

I couldn’t resist the Revlon Display at my Local Drugstore. i love Cream Blushes. I have a hard time getting them to stay put sometimes even with setting them with a powder but I think I have got it down now . I love these and believe they were a little over $7 each.

I have a vast collection of the Color Sensational Lipsticks from Cover Girl and love the ones in the New collection so I snagged these:


No Flash

Left to Right:
Wet n Wild Don’t Blink Pink
Color Sensational Parisian Pink
Color Sensational First Class Fuchsia

L’oreal Pink Carat

LAst night my husband and I did a late night run to Target and I saw these in the clearance section and just had to grab it! I love these better than the EOS Balms. I think those are so overrated in my opinion. I have one of these in my car, nightstand, purse you name it lol

I am a major Concealer Junkie. I just cant live without it. I had been wanting to try this one and so glad I got it for half the price!

Hope you enjoyed this little haul!

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  1. Mrs.Makeup

    So funny I bought 2 packs of the Baby lips because I love them so much. Plus those are my 2 favorite anyways! I love that concealer also, it is a go too for me for drugstore!

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