Pretty Addictions Ship Wrecked Collection

Hello my Beautiful readers! I feel like it has been a little bit since my last post, but boy do I have some great stuff going on around here! Will be sharing soon. 

By now you may already know I am the model for Kas from Pretty Addictions. Kas has been working her pretty little face like crazy and has created an awesome new site that is even Mobile!!! Go and check us out and check out all of out Pretty Little Addicts as well! Maybe we will see one of your beautiful faces on there soon!

Today I am introducing the gorgeous new Shipwrecked in Paradise eyeshadow collection.

They are  6 5g jars in this collection . This collection retails for

There is also a gorgeous new Blush/Bronzer Collection to go along with the new Shipwrecked in Paradise as well.

These are 10g Jars:

Check out our fun new Labels!

Tropical Sunset                Clown Fish Kiss                High Tide

Anchor Management          Mystery Cove                Mint Spritzer

Island Babe

St. Tropez featuring real Cocoa

Items used:

Mint Spritzer
Mystery Cove
Anchor Management


Island Babe/ St Tropez Bronzer

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