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Hello fellow Bloggies so I decided to dress up my nails today . Nothing too fancy but got tired of this winter weather giving me an excuse to just let my nails go to blah! So a Fellow Bloggie who I follow and Admire sent me a few surprises and I had been wanting these for a while and never got around to getting them . Her page is Amazing and she is such a talented makeup artist from Arizona. Check out her Page.

She is so awesome and down to earth and truly appreciate her sending me these awesome goodies.

These Eyeko Polishes are absolutely adorable and the color payoff is amazing. Now they are a London based company so shipping takes a while. They have the most adorable cosmetics and always have special w freebies included. It also pays to be an Ambassador ( which I am click on the Pink Banner on the Right)
Here is the Coral Polish. Decided to get in the Valentin’s day Spirit an also Use the New Hello Kitty Stamping plate that I got for FREEEEE! I repeat for FREEE!
Click on the Link and you will see!
I also decided to give another nail product a try . Another fellow Blogger I follow named Asami reviewed an item recently and I said I just had to try it as well. She is amazing at what she does and has helped me every step of the way when it had come to blogging and starting a site of my own .

This is Her video not mine. She is the only person I have seen review this product so she deserves the credit she did awesome!
She goes into a lot more detail of how exactly it works and you could get a better idea through her video and tutorial. It is a bit prices for what it is though $20 plus shipping but I thought it was great especially for someone like me where my on hand shake still when I am working on the non dominant hand.

Basically what it is for is to help keeping your cuticles clean when polishing. I know with especially red or Black Polishes if you get too close to your cuticle it isn’t so easy to wipe clean or get such a neat application.
So you paint this all around the cuticles aka areas you do not want the polish to be. It goes on as a Light Lilac color when wet ( Pinky) then dries to a Darker purple when dry. It dries like a liquid rubber and then you just apply your polish and no need to worry if you bump p against the cuticle because you now have a barrier . Let the Polish Dry and Voila Peel away the Liquid Palisade and Nice and Clean Manicured nails and Cuticles left.


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  1. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Aw, how awesome! Such fun! I’ve seen those nail polishes before on xsparkage’s YT vids. I’ve wanted some since then! Haha 🙂 You did a great job with that Hello Kitty design. I have the Konad stamping kit but I haven’t used it in a long time. I’m going to blog about it soon! And that cuticle barrier thing is genius!Love it! XXOO

  2. Asami

    Thank you so much for the sweet mention! I’m glad the Liquid Palisade is working out for you too, I like making stripes with it. I love your Hello Kitty nails! 🙂

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