My Elf Eyeshadow/Lippies Storage Idea

Ok so I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on a Z-Palette. So I had these somewhere I wasn’t getting much use out of. Soooo….

I had a few CD cases lying around and decided to put them to good use. Some double stick tape and Voila!
The Middle is a Coastal Scents Hot Pot not Elf
I can even see what color it is from the back !
Sorry a Bit Fuzzy took with my Phone and the case is made that way also
One Day I will get a Z- Palette. i have so many Eyeshadow Palettes so for these loose ones I will make it work for now!
Hope that it helps all you girlies getting started or need some ideas and are on a budget. You will be surprised what you find around the house that helps. I  am also a Neat freak so I am always trying to Organize something ha ha !

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