Most Important Beauty Accessory

Happy Sunday everyone! September is upon us and I will say that fall is my most favorite season. Today we will be chatting about our most important beauty accessory.To many it may be a bold shade of red lipstick, or the next best chunky necklace that is trending. All of these little things bring us some happiness and what do we do most when we are happy? SMILE!!!!!

I am lucky enough to be working on a campaign for Johnson & Johnson through Entre Tu y Yo and the Latina Lifestlye Collective and have had the opportunity to try some amazing products. 

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One of the items dear to my heart is Listerine!!

Did you know?

That there are millions if not more, types of bacteria that live in your mouth? 

Being in the dental profession myself for close to 10 years, I have learned so much about Oral Health. Most I believe go through the motions of brushing but can not tell you how many to not floss, scrape their tongues, or even use mouth wash.


Ok we all know how extremely important it is to brush.You can get as fancy as you want with either the traditional, or power brush as you would like. The end result is all in the motion and how effective it actually is in removing plaque etc. I personally work in a pediatric dental office so we cater mostly to children. I have had experiences in both adult and pediatric settings. One of the things I find adults just do not do enough is brush. We teach children do do this 2x a day in the morning and right before bed, but what happens to the adults? 


Ah the enemy to most. I see this daily as an issue in the office. Most do not floss at all or only do it when they feel something is wedged between their teeth. Not good. Flossing is extremely important in keeping the gums healthy. Red, puffy, aggravated gums are a signs of gingivitis (swelling of the gingiva aka the gums) We must try to do this at the very least once a day. Most will stop because they see some bleeding or are having a hard time getting the floss in between the teeth. There are many ways around this. Use your standard floss between the fingers (hard for most my personal preference) something with a handle like the Access Reach or the Plackers. The Plackers come in bags of I believe 50 or so for around $2-4 at Walmart or any store! The more you floss the healthier your gums will be Bleeding and irritation is normal if you aren’t doing it as often as you should. Your gums are screaming “Hey what are you doing, you haven’t done this before” The more you do it the more pink and less irritated your gums will be . 

Another important reason flossing is crucial is because brushing covers all of the “outer surfaces” of the teeth. Your brush can not get the food particles in between. Flossing removes anything in between and will prevent CAVITIES!!!! I see this daily especially with children. If the teeth in the back are close together they need to be flossed end of story. No matter age! The main reason for those uncomfortable X-rays is to check for cavities in between the teeth and the main cause of them is lack of Flossing!


One of the main things you need to know is that you need to see your regular dentist at least 2x a year or every 6 months. Find out with your insurance provider what your coverage is and the frequencies. Most visits will cover the consult with the dentist, a cleaning with a hygienist and a full mouth series of X-rays. Many have their views and preference when it comes to X-rays, educate yourselves prior to your appointments, or ask questions. That is why we are there and have been trained for. Our goals are to keep your mouth as healthy as possible and checkups are very crucial to keeping all of your teeth. Yes you can actually keep all of your teeth for life people!


Scencario, you are out for lunch and have a very yummy dish and after you are done you feel your mouth is not very fresh. There is food stuck, maybe there were a lot of spices that are making your mouth smelly etc. In your purse you can carry a travel size anything now a days. This is as important to me as my makeup bag. I carry a small toothpaste, floss, brush, mouthwash, tooth picks, mints you name it. Now I dont expect you to bust out your full arsenal in public and begin picking at your teeth at the dinner table. Politely excuse yourself to the restroom and if you are comfortable get a quick brush in or floss away. There are a lot of different tools and gadgets available over the counter. Being in the field sure I have most but I understand it just isnt feasible or realistic for most. At the very least cary a mint or SUGAR free chewing gum. This will create more saliva in the mouth loosening up food particles etc.

Oral Habits:

Yes even I am guilty of this myself at times. We must try our very best to not use our teeth as tools. Nail biting, opening packages, bottles (like my dad..cringe) ICE, hard candies, the list goes on. I will not bore you with what not to eat or do etc but these habits can affect our overall Oral Health. 

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