Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick

Hello gorgeous beauty lovers. Today I will be sharing with you all some awesome new products by Maybelline. If  you are a fan of the Revlon lip butters, then you may very well love these lipsticks.

What it is:

Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel. No Heavy waxes or oils. Soft, Sexy gel -color.
Just a kiss of shine.

Where to Find:

Walgreens, CVS, Riteaid, Target most drugstores.


20 Beautiful Shades to choose from:

Left to Right: Pink Possibilities, Faint for Fuchsia, Lust for Blush, Made-It Mauve, Mad for Magenta

Pink Possibilities & Faint for Fuchsia

Lust for Blush & Made-It Mauve

Mad for Magenta

Left to Right: Pink Possibilities, Faint for Fuchsia,Lust for Blush, Made-it Mauve, and Mad for Magenta

I like how smoothly they apply and the non stick or heavy feeling on the lips. Sure they are a bit sheer but I sometimes prefer that for everyday wear especially for someone in the dental field that is constantly putting on and taking of my mask at work. 

You can see above they are bit slimmer and smaller than the Revlon lip butters.

So far I am really enjoying these and are great on the go. With so many shades to choose from you really cant go wrong in finding the perfect nude, red, pink or purple shade for your skin tone. 

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