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Hello my beauties! It has been quite some time and shame on me because I absolutely have missed the beauty world and have gotten consumed with daily life. However I am getting back to it slowly but surely and wanted to share some new goodies with you all!

I recently picked up a few of the new items from the Khroma Beauty line. For those of you that may not know yes the Kardashians have come out with their own line of beauty products!! I love watching them on the show and have been a fan of their polishes and some of their clothing. They are all such gorgeous girls that it only made sense.

Where to Find:
Harmon’s, ULTA, your local drugstores

Price Range:

Type of Products available:
False Lashes, Mascara, Eyeshadows, Foundation Primers, Lipstick/Lipgloss 

Good for drugstore but borderline mediocre in my personal 

Khloe’s Kardazzle $13.99
 The packaging is sturdy hard plastic. Very compact to throw in your purse even. I had a bit of a hard time opening but otherwise not too bad.

Pretty Assortment of Neutrals.

This almost reminds me slightly of the NYX Butt Naked palette in the layout and color payoff. Some colors are hit or miss.

The shimmery shadows are pretty but not for everyone.
I was drawn to this color because it reminded me a bit of the shade Side Car in the Naked Palette but when I swatched it , the color almost didn’t even match what was in the pan.

I love Coral Blushes and was happy to find one in this set. Takes a couple times of application and if you are medium/ tan like me takes a bit to show up but otherwise very pretty.
I love highlighters and I knew these girls would have one because their skin is always glowing! I really liked this one.

As you can see the bronzer is on the lighter side and may work for someone with more of a fair complexion. Unfortunately in my case too light but will make it work somehow.

Swatches with Too Faced Shadow Insurance Underneath

Nude Lip Set $9.99

“Look Great in three simple steps! Ideally pre-matched and formulated lipstick, lipliner, and lipgloss expose just enough and add seemingly naked veil of flesh-toned perfection.”

I like the concept of the double ended lipliner/lipstick but shade was not for me from what I could already tell.

Pretty shade and has a nice scent to it as well.

Pretty decent amount of product in this big tube .12oz and will last a long time.

The minute I opened this tube I was slapped with a very unpleasant smell. Hard to describe scents but it was a big turnoff to me enough to not want to put it on my lips even.

I really wanted to love this product but there was just no way around it for me to be honest. Using the liner, lipstick , then lipgloss it just was not working. The liner seemed to almost “erase’ my lips and the lipstick and gloss settled and creased like no other and was just not very flattering on me. >>Insert sad face.

I honestly feel like the items are decent. I would personally stick with the lashes and maybe the shadows but otherwise not to thrilled with the line. It is decently priced for drugstore and you get what you pay for. They can be worked with , but if you are looking for great quality in pigmentation in some of their items it just isnt there in my opinion.

Would love to know what items you all tried if any and what your thoughts are on the Kardashian Beauty Items!

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  1. LatinCookingDiva

    The shadows look okay – the colors are pretty but like you said if they are not high pigmented then “de que sirven”…It is kind of a let down; I was looking forward to trying this makeup line…I would have thought that their cosmetics would have been ‘higher end” ;( You did a great review and love the pics!

  2. Moon

    I am so dissapointed with this line and I was so excited for it! The Kardashians should only make products they will use themselves and I dont think they would use this make up..I want the nude lip kit but thats it..I am not really excited about the lashes nor the eyeshadow..Great post you explained everything is such great detail 🙂

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