ELF Spring Collection

I recently picked up some of the new goodies from Eyes Lips Face. I found these at my local Big Lots much to my surprise.

I am so impressed with the pigmentation of these shadows. Even the color selection is great for Spring!

Love these Blinged out lashes!

Now for a palette I am not so impressed with:

The Natural Essentials Eyeshadow Compact

I had to give these a good swipe to even get this much to show up on the camera.

You can see here that the color kinda breaks apart and crumbles in the worst kinda way.

Needless to say unfortunately this has made its way into the “Reject” drawer. 


They are very opaque with the exception of Flirty Fuchsia needs a couple coats if not looks streaky in my opinon . 2 coats does the trick on the rest and are absolutely great!

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