Bloom.com Ambassador Box

Hello my lovlies today we will be talking about the awesome June Bloom.com Ambassador box. I was so excited to get this box being I had never tried any of the items before . If you haven’t checked out the site yet be sure to do so it is a great place to discover new beauty products and read the reviews from customers before you try them .

This was only on one half of my face. I can say it did a good job of removing the makeup. I am just not a makeup wipes type of gal . I prefer to remove my makeup with a facial cleanser and a wet rag and get in there really good. Has a unique scent was kind of mehh for me tho.

I really like this bronzer. I am not one to put shimmery products on my skin because I hate transfer etc. I love the smell of it. As far as the pheromones get a decent response from the hubby while wearing it I guess not sure if it is the scent or the “magic little spell” in the packaging ha ha ha

I love how pigmented these shades are but havent had the chance to get my looks up with them will do soon.

This stuff smells UhMazing! The minute I opened the box it just oozez smell good! My skin felt so soft and smelled great

I love how moisturizing these lip tints were just enough color and the scent is very yummy.

There was just so much goodness with this months box that it is hard to cram it all into one post. I definitely loved everything I received!

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