April Faves

Hello Dolls hope you are all having a great weekend I wanted to share with you guys some goodies I have just been absolutely loving this month. There weren’t too many in this post but these were definitely my most reached for items.

This has been my go to palette for my workdays. Something simple everyday and a lot of colors to chose from.

 This was a goodie from my April My Glam bag. I love that is it so thick and moisturizing and does exactly what the tube says.

 I had gotten this in of the Sephora Lip sampler kits and I just absolutely love it. I will definitely get the full size version. It is a Mauvey Pink and it isnt sticky so creamy.

I have never really tried any type of “stain” product so when I got this in one of the little kits from The Balm I decided to give it a go. I really like it . It can seem a little intimidating at 1st because you think its gonna just dye your lips this dark deep red, but it in fact just stains them like after you eat a cherry popsicle lol

This is one of the brushes from the Midnight Lace collection from Sedona Lace. I love to use this after I apply my tinted moisturizer and then use this brush to apply my Bare minerals on top. goes on so smoothly and the brush is soft.

This was my go to concealer this month. I am obsessed with concealers ( yes will be doing a post soon) This just seemed to do the trick in terms of coverage and wasnt too creamy or too dry was just right.

This awesome goody I received as one of my Klout perks. I received this along with makeup remover wipes haven’t had a chance to play with those yet, but I really really like this moisturizer For me the seller is that it is aimed at those with sensitive skin, no perfumes, dyes, no glitz and glam, but it does the job and sometimes you don’t need all that extra garbage sitting on your face anyways.

Would love to know what your monthly faves were. Will have some fun posts soon!

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  1. Tammy Wilson

    I really liked the lip quench too. I received the Simple wipes in the Target beauty bag & I think I may be buying them as soon as I run out of my current wipes.

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