1st Beauty Haul 2013

Hello my gorgeous beauty bunnies! Hope you all had an amazing New Year and holiday season. I was on a bit of a hiatus being as life and everything just seemed to consume soo much o my time the last few months. I have missed blogging and chatting all beauty goodness with you all. 

Over the holidays I was spoiled with some amazing items that I just wanted to share with you all.

As you can see I was a good girl this year and even though I didn’t ask for a single beauty product fan just knew how to take care of a girl and got me some awesome goodies.

The Clarisonic MIA 2 was probably the most shocking and amazing gift of all. I had been wanting one for years but couldn’t justify spending so much. My dad shockingly enough gave it to me for my birthday without even knowing I had wanted one! I squealed with excitement and have tried it and am in love! 

I beleive this was part of some sort of gift set deal because these awesome skin care items were inside of the box as well. I love fresh skincare and if there is one thing I strongly beleive in is investing in some very good items for your skin. Foundation and skincare are items I pamper myself with . The Ole Henriksen serum is simply amazing and leaves my skin silky smooth.

I received a Sephora Gift Card and couldn’t wait to use it. I had my eye on this set form Origins for a while and decided to go for it and also take advantage of some beauty insider freebies I was entitled too with my points. I have heard such great things about the Vita Zing and figured a clarisonic product would be great to get to use with mine. I also love Clinique and the lotion is one of my faves. Sensing a pattern? Yes all about my skin lately.

I had also been given a Lord and Taylor Gift card and decided to buy my favorite perfume and this was a freebie with purchase. How awesome is this makeup bag and all of these products?!!

Sephora also gave me 2 of these fresh items as part of my birthday gift. I had also received the others from family for my Birthday as well so was ecstatic that I was able to try so many Fresh items!

So I have to say I have one of the best Aunts any girl could have and she spoiled me rotten! She knew all the right things to get for me and one of the awesome goodies were these Lancóme Juicy tubes! Perfect to toss in my purse and love the color range!

My grandmother hooked me up with some MAC giftards as well and well just went nuts!

Viva Glam Nicki, Haute Attitude, and Pink Pigeon 

How gorgeous is Pink Pigeon?! Meep!

A bedazzled Victoria’s Secret Lippy and Mac Lip Conditioner and I am set!

So many things I want to accomplish in 2013 with my beauty blogging. To find the time to dedicate to it all is a bit challenging but is what I truly love to do on my down time (whenever I get any lol) Hope you all have an amazing Happy and Healthy New year and rest assured plenty from Miss Pinktastic coming your way!

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