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Happy Sunday everyone! Today I went to Ulta to finally redeem the points or rewards that I earned. After some careful thought I decided to put my 7 point credit towards a perfume. For those that know me I am not big on switching up on my scents too often. Remember that because a perfume smells great on someone else it does not mean that it will smell the exact same way on you. Everyones body chemistry is different and interprets scents differently. Over the last 10 years and I am being so serious I have worn the same perfume! SERIOUSLY! I have tried switching things up a bit here and there and for some reason family and friends know me by my signature scent by now and I am quite pleased with the perfume as well. I use to get asked all the time what I was wearing and they would buy it to only be disappointed because it didn’t smell the same on them .

To me scent is everything. A person can look great dress great but if they don’t smell good to me its just blah. My sense of smell is on of my strongest senses and for me I am extremely careful when choosing one. I have maybe 5 different bottles ranging from Juicy, to Ralph Lauren, and Philosophy. For me it was personal not to change my perfume because of my Dad. He is visually impaired and his sense of smell has heightened due to his vision loss I assume. So whenever he couldn’t find me or was wondering where I was in the house , or if he wanted to know if I was in the house all he had to do is look for my scent and he immediately knew I was close. Very sentimental for him and I he found comfort and so did I  . My husband has also gotten use to my scent and whenever I try to switch it up he says “it smells nice” but when I wear my original I get ” WOW you smell GREAT” ! ha ha ha

So here it is…
Nothing super Fancy but If I ever hit pan on anything it is always this bottle!
As you can see I am almost close and well so bummed.
So after going to Ulta I was browsing the perfumes and one Scent seriously stopped me in my tracks!
I am not easily impressed by perfumes and this to me was AMAZING. I like light and sweet type perfumes. Not to pungent in your face Wholly crap did you bathe in your perfume type scent! LOL
Pretty Decent Size also:
Originally when I went this morning I picked up the box directly behind the tester thinking it was the one that corresponded to the bottle:
Was soo wrong. Totally different smell too strong and got the Clippies on my Level 1 reward free!
I immediately drove back to Ulta and thankfully the store person was sweet enough to dig the Last Bottle for me!
Packaging is soo Adorable and so me Pink cant go wrong!
10x cuter than that other bottle I grabbed.

How cute is this top?!!
** So this runs for about $85 for 4.25 oz. With my rewards from level 6 I was able to apply $45 towards this purchase. So I only paid $40! How awesome was that?**
** This does come in a 3.4 oz bottle but they were completely out. Girl told me it sells out super quickly and all they had was this one big one left.**
Hope you all have had a great weekend will chat soon !

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  1. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Great post, Cathy. I love the part with your dad. So sweet 🙂 And I agree, I love the scent of Pleasures but I’ve never worn it. It’s my evil stepmother’s signature scent and it reminds me of her when I smell it. LOL. I haven’t tried that Marc Jacobs one but the bottle alone is worth the buying 🙂

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