Ulta freebies!

Hey gals, so I recently got a catalog from Ulta and as I was flipping through it I noticed that I had some points accumulated.

So I went to my Local Ulta and tried to redeem it and to my surprise was a little more complex than I expected . There is a list from levels 1-6 . I am 7 so I didn’t know where to begin.
So here were my Options:
After speaking to one of the girls they told me that I can combine so I can item from level 4 and a 3 or an item from 6 and  1 to complete a 7 etc you get the picture. Does that make sense?
So since I couldn’t decide and it doesn’t start till Sunday I decided that I will use a Number 6 which is $45 towards any fragrance and pick an Item from level 1. 
Since I was at Ulta waling around I saw there Sign  that stated Spend $17and get:
I got a couple things and Here were my freebies:

This is an $88 value for free!! Love the bags!

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  1. Asami

    Wow, look at all that free stuff! What an awesome surprise that must have been. I love that little pouch; I tend to use those as pencil bags when I get them. 🙂

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