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Hello Everyone Hope you all have had a great New Year So Far! I have been blessed with wonderful family and friends and and a lot of different opportunities. Today i wanted to take the time to do my 1st review. What better way but than to start with a truly Amazing Product from Sigma Brushes!


I purchased the F80 a few months Back ( Flat Top Kabuki Brush 
I loved it so much that I saw a YT Guru (EmilyNoel83) Try the F82 and I wanted to give it a try and Loooove It!
For some time I had been applying my Liquid Foundation with the famous ” Skunk Brush” aka Stippling Brush. I like this brush a lot however I find that once I had applied the foundation I needed to buff it out and even it out more and was using 2-3 brushes to accomplish this.
I also Like the F82 because it is a More Rounded Kabuki that enables me to get in those tight corners of my nose and delicate eye area.
Here is the Brush and as you can see it isn’t dense enough for Foundation application for me in particular. Now I know most ladies this brush is there Holy Grail but I find it is better for Highlighting and Cream Blushes instead.
This brush is not so dense and when I press with my fingers it goes right through and making it harder for me to apply my foundation.
Here are a few Pics of the End result with my New Sigma F82

The application was amazing and so much faster and flawless for me . 
I am very particular with blending and always make sure I don’t have that hideous Jaw Line separation with my foundation and I thought it did a phenomenal job of blending into the neck area. 
Here they are so you see the difference in density when I press on the top of this brush my fingers don’t sink in nor does the foundation. It is for a more Heavier application or more coverage . I find that I am even using less foundation because it blends so well.

I hope this helped a little for all of you considering getting these. The are Very affordable and a great quality. I  was in no way paid to do this review. This is my honest opinion and wanted to Share it with you all. 
Hoping to get this in the Future Dying to try these out and let you all know what its like!

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  1. Tammy

    The F80 has been on my wishlist for a while now. I think I’m going to finally pick it up. Great review!

    P.S. – I read that Sigma will be at IMATS this year. =)

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