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So this has been the long awaited and Picture heavy Post! I was recently given the opportunity thanks to a close friend to attend Shiseido’s Friends and Family Sale here in NJ. I have never used Shiseido with the exception of maybe a sample I got free from Sephora once. I have heard how great there products are and are considered High End.

For all of those that Follow me on Twitter most couldn’t understand what and Why I was going Nuts and was at the place from 5am that Morning. Here’s a Brief Idea. So to Start you get your tickets by invitation only obviously from someone that either works there or a connection unfortunately. I was lucky enough to score some tix. So the Actual Sale took Place on Sat and Sunday. However Friday they had started to give out the Wristbands. You had your ticket and that allowed you to get a wristband with a number on it. Now People had already camped out in the parking lot in there cars from Thursday Evening the night before to ensure getting 1st dibs on the bands. I didn’t understand what the hype was about . I had to work and couldn’t dedicate my evening to sleeping in my car the night before LOL. So I got there on Friday at around 10 am. There were already 200 something people there . Yes 200! Mind you the Tickets said the Wristbands weren’t being given out until 10 am so I figured I’m ok. Well an hour and a half later I finally got my Wristband. At this point I had no Idea how the number and the band was going to work for me the next morning. So I got up Super Early Sat and Got there at 5 am! There were already about 30 people from what I could see. Now you were also able to get your wristbands that same morning around 5 because the sale started at 7:30 am!

Ok are you gals with me so far? So 7:30 By 7:30 there are hundreds of people crowded. I mean this place was a mob house. There were Police officers at every station and employees all around. There was a sign that said ” Now Serving numbers 2001-2050. Now the Number on my Wristband makes Sense. So based on what number you had is how you got in . I assume it was obviously there way of controlling how many people went in at a time and comfortably entered the warehouse for making there purchases without being run down by Crazy Women after a HUGE Makeup Sale! Apparently it was 100 people per hour. Then went to almost 2 hours . Well lets just say my number was 2776!

To make a long story short I did not get my number called till 1:30pm!!! So you think great FINALLY! the light after the Tunnel! WRONG!!!! You wait on another line for a few hours! I finally got inside the warehouse at 3 pm! I was at this point starving, thirsty, Soaking wet because it was Raining.Everyone is moody and trying to find ways of getting ahead of the line and frustrated at the amount of time they waited. Now the important thing is that If you aren’t there when your number is called…. YOUR SCREWED! Thats Right you lose your chance and you cant get in!So there is really no choice but to stay there and wait. You think Oh it will be another few hours before they called the next hundred people, let me get in my car get something to eat etc. NO!! A couple people did that and when they returned there number had been called. So we never knew if there was an hour or 2 hour wait between number calls.

So I make it INSIDE! I am Immediately greeted with a Flat Bed Cart with 4 empty Boxes to fill with my Items. It is set up as an Assembly line so you go with your cart from station to statin and fill your boxes. Products Ranged from Shiseido, NARS, Cle de Peau,Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Galtier, just to name a few. Now for the Best part!!! The Pricing!

Items were all tagged with a colored sticker. Colors ranged from pink, green, yellow, blue, gray,and beige.

Each Color Represented a price. I only included the colors I purchased from:

Pink= $12
Green= $ 8
Gray= $ 22
Beige= $ 5

Now I understand the Madness. These Items are incredibly Priced . People were literally buying things in cases for there Businesses, Christmas Gifts, Care Packages etc. Now certain things did have a purchase limit of 10 items.

So without Further a due:

So without going completely Bankrupt 35 Items!!!!
So to Begin this Shiseido Set Retails For $72.00!!
Full Size Products By The Way!
I Paid Drumroll Please………$22!!!!!!
$5 for Both!!!
This one came with an awesome Travel bag packed with all these goodies inside:
Luminizing Eye Shadow Trio’s Retail $33
Paid $8 each
Collector’s Edition Palette Retail ( Bottom) $50 ( 2010 Edition)
Paid $8
Shiseido Luminizing Face Color Blush Retail $30
Paid $8
Shiseido Foundation Refill for Compact Retail $30
Paid $8
Cle de Peau

Balancing Lotion, Eye Makeup Remover, Beaute Lipstick, Shiseido Rouge Irise Lipstick
Left to Right: Balancing Lotion Retails anywhere from $80-$105
I Paid $12!
Nars Some Like It Hot Set
Retail $69
I Paid $12
Includes Orgasm Illuminator
Larger then Life Volumizing Mascara
Lip Gloss Greek Holiday
Nars Midsummer Dream

Retail $47
Paid $12
Hungry Heart Blush Duo
Mini Orgasm Multiple
Adelita Nail Polish
Nars Hopelessly Devoted
Retail $53
Paid $12
Laguna Bronzer and Deep Throat Blush Duo
Medium Sized Orgasm Gloss
Medium Sized Crepscule Gloss
Nars Follow the Boys Lip Gloss Set
Retail $40
Paid $12
Easy Lover
Sweet Revenge
Orgasm Illuminator
Retail $29
* New Packaging on this Item Now so this is the old one*
This is 1.1 oz new one is 1.2 oz
Paid $8
Nars Lipgloss, Lip Pencil, Eye Pencil:
Top:  Nars Rage LIp Stain $24-$28
Paid $8
Middle: Nars Roman Holiday Lip Pencil $24
Paid $ 8
Bottom: Nars Palladium Shadow Pencil $24
Paid $8
Nars Face Primer, Nail Polish, Cream Blush, Highlighting Powder
Nars Primer: Retail $33
Paid $8
Nars Versailles Nail Polish: Retail $17
Paid $6
Nars Geule De Nuit Cream Blush: Retail $27
Paid $8
Nars Albatross Highlighting Powder: Retail $27
Paid $8
I apologize in advance for not Pricing everything and comparing . Extremely Time Consuming but did the best I could so you had an Idea. Overall was it worth the wait and would I do it again Definitely. I now know to be better prepared in terms of sleep, food, drinks, and most importantly PATIENCE! Next Year I will definitely be arranging a way to be one of the 1st in line to get a lower number in wristband so that I can get in an out earlier. People that went to this event spent thousands and thousands of Dollars at a time for business personal etc. I would advise to save your $ ladies. You definitely want to maximize your experience and stack up on all your goodies at these prices. Considering it was sort of a last minute event for me my Husband was more than generous with my Splurge. He may not understand why I need 50 different blushes or care for that matter but I can definitely say he spoiled me on this one and went way over what I expected. Took a little pleading on my part but he knew how much it meant to me and after the wait I just couldn’t imagine myself not grabbing the items. I Did leave a few items I had in my cart behind because I would have been a little over budget, but I am thrilled with what I got.
On that Note one of the Major things I brought myself to do is crack down on myself and do something I have always tried to do but never tried hard enough. I promised my hubby for a few months I would Not buy any other makeup related products. After this event It kind of finally sunk in that I need to draw the line some where. I have more than enough of what I need if not more and I am going to Finally start my 1st P10P (Project 10 Pan) I have seen other bloggies do this and admire there dedication but I see how much they struggle. Especially when your on twitter or get emails from Mac 50 times a month that they released a new Must Have Collection. 
I will need all my girlies support. Everyone has there hobby or nitch whether it is baseball cards, video games, Shoes, Purses etc. Mine is Makeup and Beauty Products. That’s what make me who I am and have been judged and questioned as to why I have so much or why do I do what I do . In all Honesty I owe no one an explanation but to myself and my husband. Blogging to me is fun and it does not make me a superficial self consumed person. I hear comments here and there but some people just don’t get it and that is ok. I do and thats all I care about!
On that Note Hope you all enjoy and now I need to find room and work on a blog sale soon !

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  1. Amber

    Oh my goodness you got some amazing deals! All the NARS goodies you got makes standing in the line worth it 🙂 The lipgloss set looks amazing! I always wanted to try their gloss but its so $$!

    I am currently doing a P5P so we can be support for each other 😀

  2. Cathy

    Thanks Amber can use all the Support I can get! I cant wait to try the lip glosses myself so many things to try out overwhelming and clearly need to start this project pan soon . I had to go to ikea to ry an expand my storage to accommodate my goodies lol

  3. Mrs.Makeup

    I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU RIGHT NOW 🙂 I cannot believe the deals you got on NARS I am secretely hating everyone who got to go to that 🙂

    I have never gotten to go to any of those types of sales.I see people posting about it but I never know about them hehe.

    Congrats 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    I am so disappointed that I can not make it this time, I am flying that Friday Nov 16th. I have a couple of tickets to go but I cant, please let me know if somebody wants them, I can send them to you for free if you can at least purchase something for me, I will give you the money. Please let me know, you can email me at makebeautylast@gmail.com

    Thank you!!!

  5. Anonymous

    I will be attending this year, and i was planning to do what you did … Thank god i found this blog before, so I will be prepared so i can also score great deals.

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