My Glam Beauty Bag

Ho Everyone so I recently learned that Michelle Phan the ever so popular You Tube Beauty Guru was going to be having a monthly sample subscription similar to that of Birchbox etc. She has teamed up with other Gurus and one that I love Andrea from Andrea’s Choice and for $10 a month you get a glam bag filled with 4-5 Top Beauty Products for that month.

Some of the Popular Faces some of you may already know:
What you will do 1st upon arriving to the My Glam website is to take the beauty quiz:
Comes in a PINK Bubble Mailer ( Yes of Course I squealed with excitement!)

A Blush Paper soo interesting will definitely be checking this out.
Everything Inside:
This actually a $13 value so that service has already paid for itself !
You also get 100 Sheets!
Love Urban Decay Products and this is a popular shade that could be also found in the Naked Palette 1
Love this Mascara. I actually have the Full Size version and I love these to travel with!
So right of the bat I am so thrilled about this monthly subscription. So many quality products and all for $10 a month I think its a steal. 

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  1. Glitz Glam Budget

    Wow u got some great items! I heard abut this service through Michelle Phan’s youtube page, but I wasn’t quite sure to go for it! After seeing this I think I might give it a try and see how i like it! Thanks for the awesome pics!

  2. KrySTYLES

    I received mine on Saturday and I love everything. The only difference is I got the salicylic acid sheets and the color istanbul for the lip cream. Can’t wait for next month!

  3. 23ElociN

    I am so happy for you and jealous at the same time! I wanted this months bag OH SO BAD! I was just a couple hours too late when I subscribed. I cannot wait for Januarys bag. I think its supposed to contain “Go Green” products. Ill be doing blogs as well for MyGlam bags and other products 😀

  4. Sam

    I am getting mine pretty soon. I have a blog that I think a lot of you will like. I haven’t announced the giveaway yet, but pretty soon I will be giving one lucky reader a chance to win a myglam bag or birchbox! I noticed some of you are having a hard time choosing which service to get. Well here is your chance to try one! Come follow me at http://acollegeconfession.wordpress.com/

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