February My Glam Bag

Hello My Dolls I am on a roll today ! I was a bit hesitant on doing this post only because I just feel that sometimes the blogging world and you tube can be over saturated and repetitive about certain products and topics. I never want to feel like a bore or “Already seen it read that “kind of blogger. I will try to remember why I blog. Not to keep up with everyone else but to give you my true view and opinions on things. 

Kristen from Glitter Gloss and Glaze gave me some much needed positive feedback and was such a doll Definitely check out her page she is super sweet and has a kickass blog!

Anywho before I continue to ramble, here is this months My Glam Bag.

This a $12 Monthly Sample Service

 Inside is a Dark and Milk Chocolate Candy !

Mauve Pink Roll On Shadow.
I was a bit hesitant about this only because I anticipated Major Fall out like no other. It actually isnt soo bad 🙂
 This a line from ProActiv

I thought this was pretty cool. Some of the Items are a bit pricey so you will still need to put some of the $ yourself if you are looking to use this towards an  appliance or hair extensions but hey I am not going to complain it is better than $100 from my own pocket right?

I am having a love hate relationship with peel off masks. Maybe my skin is very sensitive but hurts a bit when I peel these off. 

I am happy with this months bag. I get excited when I see a pink bubble mailer in the mail. I will say it does take forever and a day to get to us here on the East Coast and the customer service is a little choppy at times but I have always gotten my goodies with no issues.

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  1. Kristen

    Yay! I’m so glad you posted this! And thanks for the sweet shout out!:) I’m still on the wait list for myglam, but I’m pretty happy with what you got! I’d love that nyx shimmer!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Miranda

    I can’t wait to get mine! I just got my email with tracking number like 5 minutes ago so I have to wait a little bit :/ Kinda hoping for the same NYX color though. That one is so pretty! and chocolate ummm great any day!! =)

  3. Anonymous

    Rip off the label off of the X out product – you’ll see something else underneath. I canceled my subscription. Shady as hell.

  4. Katie

    @Anonymous really? how hard is it to put two and two together and realize it’s just re-labeled pre-printed tubes from the same parent company? it’s not at ALL myglam’s fault that Gunthy Renker decided to recycle unused tubes instead of sending them to the landfill–but if that’s shady, then whatever.

  5. Hazar 가을

    Boo! I got my bag and they forgot the X-Out, though I can’t say that I am too sad. I wasn’t really interested in that type of product.

    I wasn’t ecstatic with the “gift card”, because I feel like they were trying to fool us with such a large number but in the end, we are just doling out more money to buy something. Sigh. I don’t need anything from their website, so it was pretty useless for me. It could be useful for other people, though.

    I did my review here:

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