Feeling loved

Hi lovelies this a totally random post but wanted to let you all know how humbled and greatful to all of you readers and even drive by viewers. Feeling lots of love this evening and so appreciative of all of you.

So her I am home just relaxing tweeting, cleaning in between just the everyday and my doorbell rings. I know I wasnt expecting company so I peeked from upstairs to see who it could be before I ran down. (Hubby has me trained to be very cautious when unexpected visitors show up and when opening a door Cop mentality lol)

Anywho it was my adorable hairdresser. She is such a sweet young girl and I am so lucky to have her. I mean where else can you have a hairdresser come to your house and hook you up and make you glam while in your house slippers and bath robe? 

I wasnt expecting her and I am usually good with writing down when I need her to come by and work her magic.

She hands me a little gift bag……

How cute is this? OMG I was soo surprised. I mean I am the type thats gets excited over these small things. Even if its a plain ol pencil or something. Just the fact that someone thought of me makes me warm and fuzzy . Doesnt matter how much was spent!

Cupcake Nail File!
This has to be my most favorite thing of all! I have been wanting to get a pair of gloves that I can use with my Iphone and Ipad in the winter. Now I can Tweet, Facebook, Text and keep my fingers warm and toasty!
Love these little Leopard Studs!
Shes too cute!
Love this little makeup bag even has little compartments for a few travel makeup brushes and all!
I have the exact matching headband for these Earrings. Cant wait to do a look using them !

Comes with little stencils! Def will be trying this out!
I love all of these cute little things and think it was so thoughtful of her to do this.

I also received this from someone on Facebook earlier:
I thought this was soo sweet. I know that I am not the best at makeup out there! Im ok with that. I am not trying to be someone I am not. I do what suits my features and face.I know there are so many talented makeup artists out there that do amazing work . I do not claim to be or will ever claim to be a makeup artist. To me that has to be earned. I completely understand that some people get very touchy when people call themselves makeup artists that havent gotten the accreditations etc. I know that anyone can be a makeup artist and a license isn’t required unless of course it is through a reputable establishment etc. I value the time and effort makeup artist put into there work . I do it for enjoyment and for family and friends when needed. I can see how much work goes into it all even without being an official MUA. Will I one day become one? Sure why not wouldn’t be one of the worst things to be. 

That being said just wanted to give you all a cyber hug! Thank you all for the amazing love and support you all show me. I really value you all and look forward to doing what I do best just being me.

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  1. ♥ YourBFF ♥

    Oh that is such a sweet post! Your hairdresser is such a doll to bring you a gift like that! It does feel so nice when someone goes out of their way to give a little gift or say something sweet. I can tell you are such a sweetheart yourself, Cathy so this of course all of these sweet things are just coming back at you for how sweet you are too! 🙂
    PS – I am LOVING those sweet pink earrings with the bows! I hope you post a look with them soon! 🙂

  2. Lais

    Girl, you deserve all the praise… You are an amazing girl and such a sweetheart. You deserve nothing but the best.

    I love the gloves! I need to get myself a pair… lol!

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