Hi my beauties I know it has been a while but man it has been such a roller coaster the month of March. So much has been going on behind the scenes here , but needless to say I am back and with an awesome product to review for you guys.

I was recently given the opportunity to try the Personal MicroDerm machine . Now I had hear  about this amazing little gadget through of course you tube and had seen that DulceCandy, JLovesMac, and Andrea from Andreas Choice had reviewed it as well.I love these beauty gurus so I was so excited to try this myself and see how great it worked.

Here is a brief description directly from the site:

Wish you had the time and money for professional microdermabrasion treatments? With PMD you can fulfill that dream without overspending or leaving the comfort of your own home. This hand-held tool gives you the results of a professional microdermabrasion treatment and reveals younger looking skin by using the same aluminum oxide crystals found in the equipment at your doctor’s office. PMD Personal Microderm was created to give consumers an effective microdermabrasion system without having to schedule an appointment at the dermatologist. You’ll get the same radiant results without having to spend a fortune.

$179.99 for PMD Device
$14.99 for Replacement Discs

Where to Buy:

** Notice Here how the model is holding the skin taught, this is the way we want to use the device **

I can not stress enough the importance of actually watching the instructional video provided!!

This system is crucial to my skin care routine now a days. I have never had seriously problematic skin, but I do have my days where I get a few rough patches, minor break outs and redness from all of the blog work I am doing and just daily stresses. 

Step 1:

Begin by washing your face as you would normally in your facial routine.

Make sure to pat dry completely, no lotions or potions at this point. The PMD works best with the skin being dry.

Plug in the device .

Step 2

Choose your disc. Green for more rough skin, Blue for more delicate and sensitive skin.

Stretch the skin taught and with the other hand gently glide the device over the skin.

** Remember to avoid the under eye and below the brow area!!. The skin in this region is extremely sensitive and we do not want to go over that area!**

** Do not Hover over one spot for too long. You will notice markings on the skin if you stay in one spot for too long and will develop a scab etc. Remember glide like when vacuuming your car**

Step 3

Glide the PMD gently over the skin surface. We want to use the small disc for the face and the larger disc for the body. 

Be sure to test the device on a small area of the skin first to make sure not to have an adverse reaction or irritation.

Step 4

After you are done be sure to rinse the skin of any dead skin cells . Using a toner will help restore the PH balance of the 
skin . Your skin will feel so soft and rejuvenated instantly.

Step 5

Clean and take care of the device. Be sure to remove the little black filter on the inside and rinse under water to remove any debris. We want to do this for the clear cover as well.

This has made a great difference in the way my foundation applies. Feels so much smoother. It has been great with my skin care items as well. When there is dead skin cells sitting at the surface of the skin, the lotions and serums cant work effectively to penetrate your skin. By using the PMD you will be removing those dead skin cells and leaves the skin perfect for any skin care item you are trying to use. 

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