Naked vs Nude

Hello my lovlies  dont worry I wont be putting pics in my Birthday Suit ha ha ! So recently I purchased the new Nyx Nude on Nude palette. It is suppose to be similar to the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette.
For a while the Urban Decay Palette was almost completely unattainable for months. It seemed like everyone in the world needed and had to have this palette me included ha ha.

So Here is Nyx Version of the ” Naked Palette”

This to me was the best part:
Secret Slide Out Lip Gloss Tray!
Colors are Extremely Similar
Nyx is a lot thicker due to the lip gloss tray
Not as long as the Urban Decay 
A few Swatch Comparisons:
Left 1st UD Virgin— Nyx
2nd Swatch Left  Nyx— UD Gunmetal
Can you see the Similarities?
Nyx Glosses
Overall I thought it was a great dupe for the Urban Decay Palette. The Color payoff is not as great as the UD but not a complete fail either. You may need  a few more swipes to achieve the look you want. As for the Lip glosses I found hem to be very sheer with the exception of maybe 2 or 3. I think it is great to throw in your purse and you have everything you need. It is a bit bulkier in size but you are getting more product. 
Pros Nyx Nude on Nude:
Nyx retails around $25/
More amount of Product 
20 Shadows 10 Lip Glosses
Pros Urban Decay Naked palette:
Nicer Packaging 
Better Pigmentation of Shadows
Each one has a name labeled on the color
Slimmer for traveling
Cons Nyx Nude on Nude:
Bulkier in Size
Hard Plastic Exterior
Color Payoff is Good but not that great
Lip Gloses are a bit too sheer
No names on the shadows or glosses
Cons Urban Decay Naked Palette
Retails for $48
Less amount of Product
So Overall I think it is up to what you are looking for, I think it is a great dupe for the Urban Decay Palette and you get more bang for your buck with this choice.  I hope this was helpful for those that may not seem to be able to get the Urban Decay Naked palette because of availability or affordability. This is a great alternative if you do not wish to go high end.

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  1. Chelly

    I have the Naked Palette, an LOVE it :)I’ve actually did quite a few looks using it, I love it- it’s very versatile- great blog 🙂

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