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Hey Everyone so off the makeup Topic for a bit well not completely I guess. I recently was on you tube and the Owner of Bitch Slap Cosmetics had put up a video stating that they were making some new labels for there cosmetic line and she included the name of the Artist in the Video. Now the Artist Name is Miss Lucky Hell Cat ( this is her fb link btw) After going through her Facebook page I could not believe how amazing and talented she was. I later found out she had a Shop on Etsy . I saw how great her artwork was and I was expecting to be priced extremely high for her talent. I had suggested that she maybe do them on Canvas because I would have loved it and would be such great quality. her Etsy Shop Miss Lucky Hell Cat Art is soo affordable and isn’t limited to just Artwork. She also makes Pins, Hair Bows, Jewelry reflecting the art she has done.

She is great with getting back to you with emails . I was a bit concerned because I waited a while to get these but she threw in a few extra goodies to make up for the Delay and OMG I was more than Greatful!

8.5 x 11 Sheets with Plastic COver Protector $10 each
My Absolute Favorite So Far!
My Husband’s Favorite!
Magnets $1.50 each Size of a Quarter
I can not begin to tell you how Excited I am to have these pieces. It is so different and perfect for makeup junkies like us. I am just trying to find wall space or figure out how to display them . Was thinking a big Collage but lack Wall Space. 
I plan on getting some other ones I dint get  to complete it but I think she is amazingly talented and unique. 

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  1. Cathy

    @ Sweet Surrender I am not sure if they are still using the Callow Lily I think they my and when you buy something you are able to pick which sticker you want and these are part of the new collection.

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