Julie G Nail Polish Line

Hello my gorgeous dolls. Today I will be introducing the Julie G nail polish line manufactured by Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics. Now she is an awesome You tube guru that I have followed since I can remember. I also have some of the other polishes that she did with Jesse’s girl some time ago. The difference is that this is her own line! 

There are a total of 27 shades in this collection. Be sure to follow Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics via Facebook to take advantage of the awesome 15% off coupon code that is to be added at the end of your total.

They are $3.99 each which is super affordable and worth every penny in my opinion.

This collection will be carried at RiteAid if it hasn’t already made an appearance.

Some of the shades that I picked:

 Left to Right: 

            9 to 5**My Horoscope Says…**Mermaid’s Tale
**Chic Cipro

Elegant Edge ** Julie’s Fave ** Gelato in Venice

Pink Tiara ** Fierce & Fab ** OH EM GEE ** Dream in Pretty

Pink Tiara ** Fierce & Fab**OH EM GEE** Dream in Pretty

 Elegant Edge ** Julie’s Fave ** Gelato in Venice

9 to 5 ** My Horoscope Say …** Mermaid’s Tale ** Chic Cipro

9 to 5

My Horoscope Says…

Mermaid’s Tale

Chic Cipro

Elegant Edge

Julie’s Fave

Gelato in Venice

Pink Tiara

Fierce & Fab ( Matte Finish)


Dream in Pretty

I absolutely love these polishes. They all go on very opaque even with one coat. With the exception of 9 to 5 that takes 2 coats but it is still so gorgeous. I tried to pick colors that I did not have similar in my collection and that otherwise I would normally not try. It was so hard to pick just these because I wanted them all and may pick up a few others I wanted  soon.

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  1. Cathy

    @dhwani713 I know they ship internationally but not sure if this particular line is available in India to be honest. Wish I could be of more help

  2. Anonymous

    DREAM N PRETTY seems similar to lucky lucky lavender by o.p.I
    Only a bit darker I though’

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