Influenster Cosmo Vox Box

Hey Fabulous bloggies so up early to do a few posts for you all so I decided to start with my very 1st Influenster Cosmo Vox Box:

So Here is How it Works:
You Unlock certain badges do a little survey and the more badges you unlock the more chances you get towards receiving a Vox Box.
Here is my 1st Cosmo Vox Box. After Unlocking my 1st amount of Badges Im assuming you receive the title of Cosmo Influencer.
I reviewed this as Scent-Sational because its just amazing. Really smells like you made a fresh batch of yummy frosting and smothered yourself in it!
I have always been a fan of Venus Razors and feel they work the best for my sensitive skin. I had never tried this one in particular and noticed that my skin felt softer and a little more moisturized . Comes with a little holder for in the shower along with 2 extra cartridges.
So I was excited to receive this since I had heard such wonderful things about Proactiv. However I thankfully have never been one to have crazy breakouts . I did try it a little bit on my husbands back and noticed it did clear up a few breakouts over a week and a half of use. I know I would have never purchased this on my own so I was glad to have gotten it in my box. I feel this is more beneficial to this who may suffer from maybe Adult Acne or a teenager.

Although they send complimentary products to qualified members (and love doing so!), Influenster is NOT a โ€˜freebieโ€™ website where just anyone can get free products.  You have  to be handpicked among a large pool of members to receive this VoxBox at no cost because of your influential power and willingness to share your positive experiences with your networks. Some members portray Influenster as a platform where ANYBODY can receive free products. They want to remind you that this is a MISLEADING statement as only trendsetters, who love giving feedback and spreading the word about product discoveries are rewarded in this program.

Disclaimer: Received these products for review through Influenster Vox Box Program

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  1. cbsg5861

    Ok I must admit I’m a little confused with this influenster thing but I think it’s US only so I don’t need to worry much if I don’t get it, right?

  2. Cathy

    @CBSG5861 Sorry your still a bit confused I tried to make it understandable , not too sure if it is a US only type thing thanks for passing by

  3. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me how to get a box ? I won 13 badges but they haven’t contacted my or anything…. Does anyone have an idea what im suppose to do next ? ๐Ÿ™

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