High Voltage Cosmetics

I recently bought some products form High Voltage Cosmetics and I had heard such great things about there lip items more specifically the Amp’d up Glosses.

Lip Whip Pretty in Pink 
Frisky my Favorite!
I love the Consistency and the Color Pay off of the Amp’d Up Glosses!
Sorry for the Blur my Lens was Cloudy for some reason 🙁
Lip Whip Pretty in Pink
Amp’d Up Gloss in Frisky
I apologize in advance for not lip swatching them all but after a while of rubbing off the last products my lips weren’t too happy and were red and well not good for pics lol
  1. Each Lip Candy comes in a Full Size jar. ( I believe packaging is changing also HUGE PLUS!)
  2. Each Full Sized Amp’d up Gloss is $6.50
  3. Samples come in ClamShells and go for $1.75
  4. Each Lip Whip is $6.25
  5. They also Carry E/S Base, Loose Shadows, etc
  6. Shipping does take some time since they are hand blended and packaged by the owner and take some time . 
Overall I absolutely love these Lip Glosses. I would have preferred different packaging on the Lip Candy because it is hard for me to apply I feel. 
The Consistency of the Amp’d up glosses are amazing! Super Smooth and Creamy Texture. Long Lasting and has great color Pay off!

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  1. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Nice! I’ve never heard of this brand. How do you do it to keep bringing me all of this great stuff? LOL. I’m liking everything so far. Thanks for sharing, Cathy 🙂

  2. Tammy

    Weird question – but how does the lip gloss “taste”? I’m weird that way. My lip gloss has to have a pleasant smell, taste. That’s why I usually wear glosses & not lipstick.

  3. Cathy

    Hi Tammy actually didnt notice much of a taste whic was good for me. Very creamy overall but no weird taste or smell I detected

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