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Hi Ladies today’s post is very unique. Very Frequently we all test out products use different things to achieve whatever look we are looking for. Recently while on Twitter I was contacted by one of the Ladies form Girl Powder. I was so excited mostly because of the story behind the company .

Here information directly from there website:

Girl Powder is more than a brand, but truly a way of life. in 2002, Girl Powder began as an online ride-share message board for women to connect with one another to gain safer passageways to the mountains in Lake Tahoe. Winter after winter, girls used the slopes to ski and snowboard. Soon the Catchy name GIRL POWDER, naturally branded itself throughout Northern California reflecting GIRL P-O-W-E-R uniting and empowering many ski and snowboard girls. Now in 2011, GIRL POWDER still stands strongly on its philanthropic roots  further advancing from the days of a ride-share message board. Today, GIRL POWDER is launching a collection that advocated empowerment of a woman, is home to a world-wide community of women that love the active life-style, and supports a team of girls known as Team GIRL POWDER!

There Main Product:


Finally-A lip gloss created for the active female, which nourishes, moisturizes, and protects lips naturally. The active female strives to live a healthy lifestyle and values natural products, and now with GIRL POWDER’S Active Lip Gloss, she can support and enjoy the active lifestyle while looking flawless. 
Non-Sticky! Tired of your hair constantly sticking to your lips? Fret no more
Natural! Made with 99% natural ingredients and packaged in 10mL Tube
Long Lasting Protection! Containing Shea butter, vegetable oils, and minerals provides wonderful protection from the sun
Stand Out! Lightly shimmers in the sun, keeping you glowing all day long no matter where you are
Tasty! Three delicious “snow cone” flavors: Strawberry, Pineapple, & Bubble Gum
High Quality! Created in Barcelona, Spain, we developed the perfect formula that rivals top luxury brands as well as stands up to the test of Nature.

Some More Information on these Awesome Lip Glosses:

Team GIRL POWDER, our team of sponsored riders and skiers, helped voice the interest in what has become our newest product GIRL POWDER Active Lip Gloss. During one of our feedback sessions, we learned that there was not a lip gloss that felt comfortable wearing, nor met their needs, and thus always had to fall back to plain lip balm. Today, thanks to new technology, safe cosmetics, and natural ingredients, GIRL POWDER has worked with a private lab in Barcelona, Spain to meet the need of Team GIRL POWDER and community members. GIRL POWDER’S Active LIp Gloss is a brand new, high end product that meets the need of every active girl worldwide!
Overall I absolutely love these lip glosses. They do exactly what they say they will do. Not sticky what so ever. It is all natural cruelty free and made with Natural Sun Protectants. 

They Smell great go on smoothly and make your lips feel nice and soft. 

I absolutely just love the message behind the company. I think that is great for companies to gear towards women’s empowerment and positivity. 

**This is my own opinion and it is not based on the fact that these were items were sent to me to review. Although I may not have Purchased them it is my 110% opinion on these products.**

They have other adorable things and more to come in the future. 

I Definitely Want to Get this Adorable Hoodie:

Jackie O on the Back:

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  1. Cathy

    @ Alicia They are so good non sticky which is a huge plus for me nad well the hubby too he hates when I wear sticky lip gloss ha ha ha

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