Artistry Lip Gloss from Amway

Hi everyone so I recently came across a product that I am in love with and I think is just Genius!

Scenario: You are at a Night Club or Lounge and you go to reach for you favorite lipgloss to touch up. Now you may carry a mirror with you but if you are on the dance floor and having a great time and because the lights are so dim you cant see what your doing. So what do you do? I use to stop dancing or go to my table dig through my purse and look for a mirror or my phone for lighting or get on the dreadful line to the ladies room to only be bumping my elbows with other women trying to touch up there makeup too. Well with this product no need to wait on long lines or stop what you doing:

Low and Behold the Lipgloss with a Built In Light and Mirror!!!
One of Kathie Lee’s favorite things – Artistry’s Light Up Lip Gloss! http://www.amway.com/


I recently Ordered this product from a good friend of mine and here is the direct link to his site:
I like this lipgloss it doesn’t have the sticky feeling on the lips and is definitely a staple in every girls purse for a night out on the town .
It has a slight shimmer to it and is a bit sheer but would go great over any lipstick !

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