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Hello my gorgeous readers. Today I decided to share with you all a little project I worked on today. As makeup junkies we sometimes have a bit of a hard time organizing our beauty products and being able to use them all. In my case if it is out of sight it is most definitely out of mind. I am guilty of always reaching for the same products if they aren’t easily accessible or stashed behind or on top of one another. 

I was given the opportunity to share with you all an awesome makeup organizer that is an absolute must for makeup artist or anyone looking to find a better way to access and organize their beauty products. 

 The Sherrie Blossom Ice Box is a gorgeous acrylic makeup organizer that is an absolute must have for anyone that lacks organization and want a clean crisp look to their diva space.

There was so much detail  put into the craftsmanship of this organizer. The handles are one of the features that I was impressed with. The way they were made it is so that you can see completely through the drawer and gain access to everything inside.From the hinges to the seams this makeup organizer is simply perfect. It isn’t only important that it looks great, but that it is also functional, stable and worth the investment.

Ok so on a daily basis being as I like every other person am working and always on the go, my makeup station and area can get a bit messy and I lack space period in my little area. I tend to keep reaching for the same items not showing others love because  well either I cant see them my vanity is cluttered etc etc.

I am very much a neat freak but this weekend I was away so didnt have the chance to put some items away but as you can see there on the right I have my little tubs filled with products blocking my muji drawers and is annoying having to move them to get into them all of the time.

Now some of you may remember my post some time last year about my muji drawers. Check out that post here if you haven’t had the chance. Now I will say the Muji drawers a good alternative for the price and are functional . However I have a love hate relationship with them. I like that they are affordable, but dislike the face that you are limited to the size of products you can put in them hence the reason why you may need multiple sets of them like I did. 

In my set up I have 2 5 drawer Muji’s and 4 3 drawer mujis setting me back about $150 give or take without shipping. I know they are super popular and for a while was hard to even get your hands on them . I love the larger boxes and yes even though they may set you back a little more financially, you are getting quality, and more space and no need to get a bunch of other organizers to get your items to fit. 

First let me tell you that delivery was smooth and tracking was a breeze. The Shorty Wide organizer I received came inside of a huge box and inside of that was the organizer in another box. The amount of bubble wrap and protection this little guy had was amazing and was so greatful for the fact that it was well protected during shipping.

This is the Shorty Wide Ice Box by Sherrie Blossom 

Mama.. I’m Home!!!!  I love it!

You can see here that the top lifts and has an “X” Insert on the top.

One of the drawers with inserts for smaller products and easier to customize to suit your needs.

This is the Novus Starter Kit to keep your Sherrie Blossom Ice Box free of any scratches, dirt, and dullness. It is important to not use a household cleaner like Windex for this particular organizer as it may  dull or ruin the acrylic. Also keep away from direct sunlight to keep its lustre.

Ok so here is my 2 5 drawer sets of muji filled to the max with lip products.

Here are the 4 3 drawer Mujis that also had lip items and some face products that I just could not access. So that is a total of 12 drawers I was able to empty and still have space to add other items to my new Sherrie Blossom Ice Box

Ok without further a due….

Here is my Shorty Wide Ice Box all filled! Isnt she gorgeous! You can see right through the handles and see everything all in one place!

My 1st Drawers I used a few of the customizeable inserts to put some of my squeeze tube lippies and my Maybelline Color tattoos and L’oreal Infallible shadows. I love how I can see everything and the amount of space I have.

2nd Drawer has all the lip items that were in my 3 drawer mujis along with some lip liners etc. I still have space to add to it but again I like to not stack more than 2 items on top of one another because I will not see and forget the product. 

3rd drawer holds my cheek products and some highlighters.

4th Drawer a few more blushes and face products along with my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils , liners etc.

My Vanity Clear of Clutter and can access everything I need. Still need to tweak a few things here and there but as OCD as I am I have to say I am pretty happy with the turnout. 

Head on over to Sherrieblossom.com and check out the different varieties in organizers to suit your needs. 

Here is the gorgeous Patti Stranger with a couple of the amazing Sherrie Blossom Ice Boxes

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  1. Anonymous

    Amazing before and after. You would never think that all the product you had in those muji drawers all fit into the shorty. Great job and love it!

  2. Jai

    so jealous of your collection! I use plastic bins now and I keep forgeting what I have and I would probably be able to use at least one of these ice boxes. Just fab! Great job!

  3. Anonymous

    So jealous of your collection. I went looking on their site and the iceboxes are gorgeous I want one!!

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