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I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a very busy festive one with a Surprise Birthday Bash was a lot of fun. I had been having a hard time managing my collection of polishes because as of course with everything else I love I always have too much and run out of space.

I had done my homework and had found a few sites that sole the nail polish racks for reasonable prices but when it came to shipping it was just outrageous.

I purchase mine at Idonails.com and each rack holds 96 polishes and was $29.94 plus $12 shipping.
I ordered 2 of them and well dont judge but still didnt have enough room for all of my polishes.

Left Side:
Right Side:
What didn’t fit:
China Glaze
Sinful Colors
Jesse’s Girl & Zoya
How my station has evolved:
When I 1st began blogging 
Kitchen organizer for all your canned goods or spices, use to use it for my polishes. It expands and comes in a big and small version 
Then it expanded to this:
These were acuallt utensil organizers for kitchen stuff. I flipped them long ways . Works great if your collection is decent. I love this system , but just didn’t like hiding polishes behind one another could never see what I had and some didn’t get used. 
I was able to fit all of my polish collection in these before where in my new racks I cant but thats ok becasuse I am restricted to space and I will have no choice but to cut down and be strict with myself.
Let me know what you  think!

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  1. Beauty on a College budget

    I am sooo jealous you have so many different colors like that! Jeeze!! That’s such a good idea, I probably should invest in something because being at college I only some of the my favorite nail polish because I have no where to put them!

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