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Hello Everyone so recently I had been looking for a way to organize some of my makeup. Had been reading up online and I came across this awesome item called the  Ice Box by  SherrieBlossom.com
It is a popular item that if you watch Keeping up with the Kardashians you may have seen on there vanity.

The list of celebrities using this amazing system is endless!

Here is what it looks like and comes in so many variations!It is made of sturdy Acrylic and can even be found at your local Neiman Marcus.

The top opens up for more storage or if you want to put some perfume bottles etc.
I had originally gotten this Muji system to organize most of my makeup, but realized after some time that I was limited in the amount of products I can fit in them because of the size of the packaging. 

I present to you the Muji 5 drawer organizer:
Now this bad boy is sold out most of the time but there customer service is awesome. I was able to put my name down to get emailed when it was to be in stock again . Because this is such a popular item they only allow 2 per purchase. They are Stackable and come in 2,3,5 drawer options ( the clear ones)
Here is my Before:
Now After:
I I can see everything I need and looks so much better than plastic but I am still only able to fit either small flat items.
 I was never able to utilize most of my makeup because I lacked a better way to organize  them properly because they weren’t as accessible as I would have liked.
So I found that I needed a couple more drawers for a few more things . The website has all different options. So I ordered 2 of the 3 drawer organizers to stack.
** I spend a pretty penny on this whole system to only then realize had I spend a little bit more I would have been able to purchase a much better quality organizer like the  Sherrie Blossom Ice Box.

2 of the 3-drawers organizers
2 of the 5-drawer organizers
Here you can see just how much more makeup I can fit in the system.

I love how clear and clean I am able to keep everything.We invest so much money in our beauty products so why not do the same in preserving them and taking good care of them ..

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  1. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Hey, woman, you did an amazing job! It all looks so fab! I have those plastic drawers also LOL. But yes, these look so much better. I’m so happy you shared this with us. Maybe I can get some one of these days. Awesome post, as always 🙂

  2. Cathy

    It is only about an inch deep. I tested out all of my foundation bottles for you and none of them fit lying down. All from Mac,mufe, neutrogena etc do not fit. However if you have a tube like foundation like Rimmel it will fit lying down. I think you can only get as big as a mac paint pot to fit there comfortably. Any bigger drawers will not close. 🙂

  3. Glam-Me-Up

    Thank you for trying it out! Thats unfortunate though. Maybe foundation bottles could just be put on the top one that has a lid.
    Thanks for the help 🙂

  4. Elayne

    Hey, the two drawer organizers look a bit deeper than the 3 and 5 drawer ones. ‘is this accurate? Also, do the 3 and 5 drawer organizers have the same size of drawers?

  5. Cathy

    Hi Elayne I do not own the 2 drawer but maybe it is. I only have 2 of the 3 drawers and 2 of the 5 drawers. The 3 drawer and the 5 drawer are the same size in length and depth. So when you stack them one on top of another you cant tell the difference. Hope this helped!

  6. Anonymous

    The Kardashian Makeup Organizer is sold at http://www.sherrieblossom.com.
    There’s a crazy 1/2 price sale right now and I just saw the video on YouTube. It’s so gorgeous and I just order two of them, one for my sister too! I’m really excite cus I’ve been looking for a really nice one for so long but all the others online are imitations except for the sherrieblossom brand. They have the wide cube like the Kardashians.

    Here’s the link guys!

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