Jewelry/False Eyelash Organization

Hey Ladies so Recently I have come across a big issue that most of us women face. How to keep all of your jewelry organized and neat so that you can see what it is you have and not dig in a box or drawer to only find tangled up necklaces, missing earrings, odds and ends etc. No I have seen so many different ways to organize jewelry , but because I am limited to space n my bedroom I had to come up with a way that allowed me to organize it without having to buy another piece of furniture to accommodate it and that it wasn’t just stuffed in a drawer.

I had come up with an idea that worked briefly which was a Bulletin Board and some push Pins to kind of hang everything up . Well as my collection grew I was running out of space and not to mention the weight over time started to make the board weak .

So After some long time of reading up I decided I was going to go with this method:

Now I can kick myself for not doing this earlier because my Local Marshalls had a ton of this organizers in different colors and I just never paid them any mind. Of course when I went to go get on they were all out! Lucky for me in the same shopping complex is a Bed Bath and Beyond and I remembered they had a section for organizing jewelry and what not. I also had my 20% coupon handy as well. 
This on also Came with a Detachable Travel Roll:
So these are meant to be hung inside of your Closet to make it easily accessible and stored safely. I preferred hanging them where I could see them and use them daily.
Right over My Bedroom Closet Door:
View when you walk into the bedroom:
Out of the Way not a Complete Eyesore and Doesn’t take up any space.
Another Fun Idea I thought of was to Organize my Falsies:
There are so many varieties when it comes to this organizer Here are a few versions:
My Most Favorite I ordered on as well!
These can all be found on Amazon for Cheap!
These can be found on QVC by Joan Rivers and the two options is either one with Loops for Necklaces or Pockets. Either or for around $26 each! ( I think its better on Amazon if u ask me)
Your Possibilities are endless with these organizers. Some Ideas on how to use them if you dont want to use them for Jewelry:
  1. Hair Ties/Clips, Barettes
  2. Hair Products
  3. Brushes/Combs
  4. Larger Pocket Ones for Children’s Toys 
  5. Craft Supplies Scissors, Tape, Ribbon etc
Again depending on the need is how I think you should find the right size pocket and organizer . Hope this Helps . As far as for travel I am not too sure wether I would roll the whole thing up and put in my suitcase don’t think would work too well with my Bulkier items like Bangles but may work with just earring s and stuff. 
Let me know whatcha think! I would love to hear the ways you all organize your jewelry or any other tips if you already use this system for something else in your home!

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  1. Kassandra

    I really need to invest in some of these!!! I actually just saw some really cute ones at Tjmaxx over the weekend. I completely overlooked them! I see your set up peeking through in one of the pictures, do you have a post showing what your set up looks like? I think I’m going to be doing a updated post of mine soon! I love seeing how others store their things!

  2. Cathy

    Hey Girly I do have an older post here but will Definitely need to be updating it since it has changed significantly since I posted it. They come in Handy and are so useful. Love you recent post too cant wait to see how you organize yours. Ha ha Im always hesitant to show my set up for fear people will think I am bragging and thats not at all what I want to put out there. I also need to change my Pink tower of drawers because I have run out of room and aren’t deep enough for me so as soon as its complete I will def do a post on it!

  3. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Another great post, my friend. I am not surprised at your creativeness 🙂 Good idea, such a useful piece! I don’t have any of these but I should! And it would be great to see your new set up. Just remember, you can’t please everyone. Tons of people want to see your set up, others will call you a “show off” but whatever! You know you are not a show off and those who follow your blog and know you know you are not either. It’s your blog, you do with it what you want 🙂 Much love to you.

  4. Cathy

    Yeah I have been so discouraged lately especially on twitter so much blogger drama and comments being made to people that blog and people knocking what we do . But try to rise above the drama and ignore it and remembering why I started this to begin with

  5. Makeup Majesty

    love it! I had a similar jewelry organizer, but I think I put too much in it because it broke and fell! awful, right? I need to try this again! great post xo

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