Polish Hoarders Anonymous!!

So the 1st step in any program is admitting we have a problem ! Now Ladies I know I am not the only one guilty of this. I have an INSANE amount of Nail Polishes. So much so that I either forgot I had a certain color or haven’t even had the chance to use it yet. Now if you have followed me for a while you know I am an organizing queen and I needed to find a better way of knowing what colors I had and what not.

Now the main thing for me was creating an Excel Spread Sheet on them . I know I know OCD I know. But can I tell you that in 2 instances it has helped me prevent myself from repurchasing a color I already have. I have them on my phone so when I see a color I like I just double check if it looks like one I may already have. Now I don’t know about you all but I tend to gravitate towards the same color schemes all the times just maybe a shade or too off .

Another Issue for me was swatching. Nothing is worse than going to do your nails and you see a color you love and looks great in the bottle , but when it goes on your nails its a completely different color!!

So this was my Solution after some googling and you tubing of course ha ha :

I went to my Local Sally’s Beauty Supply Store and picked up a few Nail Polish Wheels.

Now I tried to number them as best as I could for you all but because I had originally written on them before editing it may be a little hard to see the number with my writing peeking underneath so sorry in advance!

Also FYI All of the Nails have 2 Coats Makes a HUGE DIfference in Final Color Payoff!

Betcha Can’t guess what color I Have the Most of Whaaaa……

Better Lighting:
  1. Milani Hot Orchid
  2. Milani Sugar
  3. Jesse’s Girl JulieG
  4. Milani Disco Lights
  5. Milani Sweet
  6. Eyeko Punk Polish
  7. Orly Va Va Voom
  8. Revlon Tropical Temptation
  9. Eyeko Chi Chi Polish
  10. Ulta Pink Leather
  11. Brucci Best of Me
  12. Brucci Pink Ice
  13. Brucci Pink Flamingo
  14. Brucci Dashing Mauve
  15. Love & Beauty Forever 21 ( Sorry No Shade Name)
  16. Essie Guilty Pleasures
  17. Essie Hard to Get
  18. Diamond Cosmetics Cotton Candy
  1. Diamond Cosmetics Pink Starburst
  2. China Glaze Strawberry Fields
  3. OPI Strawberry Margarita
  4. Zoya Jolene
  5. Zoya Dana
  6. OPI Argenteeny Pinkini
  7. Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter
  8. Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl
  9. Sinful Colors Soul Mate
  10. Sally Hansen Fuscia Power
  11. Wet nWild Dreamy Pink
  12. Sally Hansen I Pink I Can
  13. Sally Hansen Presto Pink
  14. Loreal Rockin Pink
  15. Wet n Wild Candy-Licious 
  16. ELF (Not Sure label came off Sorry)
  17. NYC Perpetual Peony
  18. ELF Bubble Gum Pink
  1. Elf Coral
  2. Elf Light Pink
  3. Elf Pearl Pink
  4. Revlon Hushed Blush
I was Shocked I even Had this Many Blues!
  1. Sinful Colors Nail Junkie
  2. Sinful Colors Why Not
  3. Sally Hansen Shooting Star
  4. Sally Hansen Blue Me Away
  5. China Glaze Shower Together
  6. China Glaze For Audrey
  7. Zoya Robyn
  8. OPI Yodel me on my Cell
  9. Revlon Ocean Breeze ( Scented Too)
  10. Love & Beauty Forever 21( No Shade Name)
  11. Diamond Cosmetics Don’t Teal my Heart Away
  12. Diamond Cosmetics Oh’ Tiff
  13. Milani Pool Party
  14. LA Colors BCC 564 ( Didn’t say a shade so thought this would help)
  15. Color Club Blue Light
  16. Sephora by OPI Curacao Mini Polish
  17. Ulta Dance Teal Dawn
  18. Sephora by OPI Mini Polish ( No Name)
  1. Sinful Colors Mint Apple
  2. Sinful Colors HD Nails
  3. Sally Hansen Lime Lights
  4. Sally Hansen Emerald City
  5. China Glaze Turned UP Turquoise ( Neon)
  6. China Glaze Groovy Green
  7. Revlon Minted
  8. NYC Hint of Mint
  9. Avon Jade
  10. Elf Navy ( Not Green but threw it in since I forgot in the Blues lol)
Was Shocked I had this many Purples too 🙂
  1. Sally Hansen Crackle in Vintage Violet ( Super DISLIKE!)
  2. Sally Hansen Crackle in Vintage Violet ( Super DISLIKE!)
  3. Brucci Tanzanite
  4. Zoya Perrie
  5. Revlon Rock
  6. Revlon Star
  7. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Pink Rose Diamond
  8. Loreal Purple Pop
  9. Sinful Colors BaliMist
  10. Sinful Colors I Love You
  11. Wet n Wild Bite the Bullet
  12. NYC Late Night Lilac
  13. Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine
  14. Love & Beauty Forever 21 ( No shade Name)
  15. Sephora by OPI Mini ( No Name)
  1. French Tip Dip Diamonds
  2. Essie Shift Power
  3. China Glaze Twenty Four K
  4. Nars Adelita
  5. Nars Versailles
  6. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Cinnabar
  7. OPI Glitzerland
  8. Love & Beauty Forever 21 ( No Shade Name)
  9. Sephora by OPI Mini ( No shade name)
  1. Revlon Hot Chocolate
  2. OPI Brizbane Bronze
  3. Sally Hansen Haute Chocolate
  4. Brucci Sharis Spessarite
  5. Ulta Brownette
  6. Zoya DEA
  7. ELF Champagne
  1. Essie Enuf is Enuf
  2. Zoya Maura
  3. Brucci Golden Red
  4. Elf Light Red
  5. Elf Medium Red
  6. Elf Dark Red
  7. Eyeko Coral Polish
  8. Sally Hansen Ruby Stilletos
  9. China Glaze Primavera
  10. China Glaze Sacred Heart ( Neon)
  11. Nicole by OPI Nicoles Fave
  12. OPI Melon of Troy
  13. Orly Moonlit Madness
  14. Sally Hansen Orange you Fast
  15. No Label Sorry 🙁
  16. Sepora by OPI Mini ( No Name)
Ok So at this Point I oped not to do the Nudes only because they do not show up well at all in Pics I have to find a way. In the Meantime this is the solution I came up with to Store them:
Yes Yet Again a CD Case!
Just Glue the Wheel and your Good to Go!
There are a few odds and ends of Polishes I late found that I never swatch but thats ok as I grows I will swatch them for you all. 
Love & Beauty Forever 21 Polishes:

I Like these Polishes very Much and for $10 not to bad either.
Only Downside is that colors have no name!
I hope you all enjoyed this little project yes super time consuming but saves me some aggravation!

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  1. MSodapop

    i cant wait for your love and beauty swatches <3 im thinking about getting some of their polishes. how’s the consistency & application?

  2. Cathy

    Thanks for stoppin by. The costistency is a bit sheer but after 2 coats not so bad. I have a few swatches up on the top on the wheels

  3. Amber

    We have very similar taste in polishes. You have a great collection. Zoya Perrie is actually one of my favorite colors.

  4. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Really awesome collection and such a fantastic post! I don’t have this many but I have been wanting to get some of those wheel thingies! I love your organization tips. Keep them coming, PLEASE!

  5. Cathy

    @MsPrettyFul Girl Thanks Hun It is so much better to see the color this way i think . The wheels are affordable too think it was like $7 for a package of 10 wheels with 18 nails on each wheel .

    @Amber I love Zoya polishes they are amazing in colors and applications. I also lack more of certain colors if you noticed Pinks have taken over LOL naturally but want some more browns and golds. I dont own black either bc I dont think my drk complexion looks good in it 🙁

    @DanisAddiction Thank You so much I love your blog as well!I try to come up with new ideas ya know have to keep the OCD Happy if not I begin to twitch if something isnt organized wahaaa!

  6. Alicia

    I wanted stop by & post my comment even tho we talked via twitter.
    But I love all your green shades and I like how organized you are. It’s cool that you can always take your own color to the salon. Donyou use nail stamps as well?

  7. Cathy

    @DanisAddiction don’t be silly glad you enjoy the blog enjoy chatting also!

    @Alicia I do use Stamps as well the Konad I havent in a bit because I had my nails short for a bit but they are growing out so will be posting some more soon!

  8. Carolina

    Just found your blog through Beauty Broadcast and I must say you’re my hero! LOL. I love your system for your polishes, I too have just gotten SO MANY lately that I started my own excel spread sheet for them but your idea of putting them in CD cases is genius! Though I don’t know about gluing them there as I like to have “nail polish” parties with my friends and they always want to see what they look like on them before they try it on.

    Thanks for the awesome idea. 🙂

  9. Cathy

    @ Pavani Thank You your too sweet!
    @ Carolina Well heres another Option maybe drill a hole in the center of the wheel and put something like a key ring, or a big ring to hold them all together so that you dont have to feel confined to the CD case .

  10. Gitanas

    I have to admit I am really impressed!! This is really amazing…I loved the Orly Va Va Voom…but I love many more…you know what wouldve bee cool as well?? to actually put them from dark to lighter shades, next to each other so you could actually see thier differences better, cause there a some that look exactly alike even though they are not, and maybe putting them next to each other is actually easier to notice…GREAT POST! com check out my blog I am actually gonna post a new nail polish i bought !

  11. Cathy

    Thanks for the love. Yea think that was a good idea wish i could have been able to label the wheels w each polish color too gets hard figuring out what color is what on there. Its a learning process i suppose. Def will check out your blog too xoxox

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