Eyeshadow Project and Update

Hello Bloggies I know I have been MIA lately but as we all know life goes on beyond the blogging world and i got caught up with some personal things here.On another note I have been wanting to venture into the making of my own mineral makeup for a bit of time now. I love Mac Pigments and Mineral Foundation but sometimes they are beyond our financial means at the moment. I am so excited to have started doing this and working with mixing my own colors and palettes.

There are so many other people I know bloggies you tube gurus that have there mineral eyeshadow and makeup lines that I am hesitant to try and sell them myself . Till I can figure out what to do I am having fun working on my own home made colors and makeup.

As you can see here I have about 30 pigments or so that I need to press and play around with!
1st and Foremost Safety!!
I originally started working with the powders and after maybe 15 mins of particles flying in the air I developed a Bad Nose Bleed and major Migraine! Not Good Ladies. So you look like your going to Fumigate but How cute will you look with your new made makeup and nose bleeding and can barely breath?! This is a God Send! I don’t know how other people work without one!
Some extra cotton ones if I feel my Mask is bugging me after a while:
Aren’t they Adorable!
Here is what I my Little working station looks Like:
Here are some that I have pressed so far:
I cant wait for them to dry and I can dig in! 
A few Swatches:
The Camera does the Colors no Justice! So pigmented and Gorgeous!
I promise to update on my progress and idea of selling them. Not as easy as I thought trying to make a little business with it but is certainly fun and may just try it anyways! 
March Favorites coming soon also ! Please let me know what you all think!

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  1. Cathy

    Hi Alexandra well I use 90% alchohol so the dry time is quicker. Coastal Scents sells a pressing medium for pressing pigments. I usually let th dry over night before using them. If you need any more helpl I am here

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