March Favorites!

Hey Dolls I know I am a few days late with this post but was in South Carolina for the week and well trying to catch up with myself here. So I had a few odds and ends here nothing too exciting but figured would mention them since I reached for these items quite frequently this month.

I picked this up at my local harmons. I had been in search of a brow pencil or powder to match my brows and wasnt having any luck. I have had this for a lil while and decided to play with it a little more and I really love it. Love that it comes with brow wax and 2 cake powders to help customize your shade.

I have been trying to get into the habit of “rotating” my lippies. I have such an overabundance of them and they just need some extra TLC. I Love this on in Peach Moonstone gives a nice peachy finish non sticky.

This is from one of the The Balm sets I got a little while ago . I really like the way it applies and separates my lashes.

I love this little baby vaseline. Not to be confused with the regular one ladies. This one is specifically for the lips and may not be easily found by the lip products. In fact think I found it with facial items if not mistaken. You may find them by register and what not but leaves my lips silky smooth. Only think I do not like is either having to carry a lip brush to apply or using my finger. I hate using my finger for lip items.

I had heard great things about this Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer and decided to give it a go since concealer is my most prized possession. I tried the foundation and wasnt a fan . Left my skin dry did not like it at all. The concealer on the other hand was a winner. I loved the way it brighten and highlighted the under eye area. Not sure if I am liking the little puff applicator guess its just the germaphobe in me, but sometimes will dam onto my finer and apply instead.

By now you may already know I am one of the Sedona Lace Interns, and in turn I get the opportunity to use the the items on the site. These are part of the new Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Sets. Yes they are similar to those of Sigma but I am going to leave it at that. I know I may seem biased because I am affiliated with Sedona Lace and therefore do not want any of my readers to feel that I am pushing or being paid to do so. I use these every single day and are just awesome for foundations powders you name it!

How cute is this packaging. The balm always lures me in with that I have been carrying this translucent powder on the go and it really is great. It doesnt look cakey and instantly mattifies my T-zone and no more shine!

This has been my go to nude this month by Cover Girl. I have quite a few and absolutely love how creamy they all are. 

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  1. EmmyJean

    I totally understand the germophobe thing! I can’t stand lip products that come with a build in brush for the same reason! (or anything with a built in applicator I suppose…)

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