March Favorites!

Its that time of Month again. Today I have mostly hair related products and a few lip products I am absolutely in love with at the moment. Hope you all enjoy was fun putting together.

So here is an overview of all my faves this month:

1st Item is my New Favorite Curling Iron !!!
This was a steal! I love the way it curls my hair and it heats up Super fast! With all the Craze of the Curling Wands out there I did my research and Found one I was comfortable budget wise. I originally wanted to get the Infamous Sultra Bombshell
Here I used the Pink Herstyler Grande to achieve this style. Took me a bit of time. My hair is naturally curly so I usually have t blow dry it straight, flat iron , then curl. Long process but worth it for a different look!
This retails for $130 at Sephora. It has amazing reviews but if you know me by know I will do my homework 1st and find a more affordable version of a product before splurging.

Here are the Differences in Sizes:
I also go this one which is almost a spitting image of the Bombshell:
Here is the Link on Amazon:
When I purchased this a few months back I believe I paid around $40 for it. The price has gone up from what I can tell. Ebay also carries Herstyler.
I Like this wand if I am looking for Big Curls and waves. Since I don’t have thick hair it takes me a bit of time to accomplish the look but the end result is amazing. I have gone out and Slept on the curls and even the next days I cant believe how well they have held up!
 I went to a family wedding this past weekend and even after dancing and sweating my curls managed to stay. They were obviously a lot tighter and dropped as the night went on but still looked ok .

There are other varieties of wands by Herstyler:
This is the Baby Curls one
Herstyler Reverso
I am Curious about this one looks awesome may get it also
This is an awesome deal:
Wish they would have had this when I purchased my Irons 🙁 
Comes in 4 Colors not just PINK!
$90 !!
**FYI I am in no way trying to sell you all a product and am not Affiliated with this company! Just sharing some info and giving you all options to try!**
My next favorite Item I have mentioned before is my GHD Flat Iron . I got this for a killer Steal . Retails for about $240 at Sephora at one point and searched around and went to Folica and this was listed in there Sale section and I paid $100 free shipping and came with a Heat Protectant! It beeps when it has heated up and literally in a minute or so it is super Hot! No temperature control but that’s ok with me because It gets hot enough to work extremely well. 
This is how I store it:

Detachable Pouch…
Use the Bottom Mat to rest the Iron while working and prevent it from burning any surface.

I purchased this case at Walmart for $10! I love how I can use it to travel, store and protect it. It is by Conair but I removed the Label off the Front ha ha 
This next Item is another awesome product. I recently received a Sample of there Hair Gel in one of my Pretty Pink Boxes. I fell in love with the gel and used the coupon that was in my box to purchase the full size product. This website is for us Curly Heads that want all natural and Organic Ingredients for our hair. I only ordered the Gel and to my surprise i was sent like 5 other items in my package to try. This was the best.
It really doesn’t do much for moisturizing but OMG the Smell of this is so Invigorating! I love anything Coconut Scented and this was like a Pina Colada Party in my Hair! Seriously true Coconut smelling. I use it just for the scent but who cares right its awesome and fun ha ha 
Here are a few other Hair Items I have been loving this month:
Got 2B Glued is no Joke. You spray some of this stuff and I can assure you with any up do or serious style your hair will not Budge!! AT ALLL! I also used this after I curled my hair a light Mist and worked wonders!
Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk for before I blow Dry my hair also a great product to help the process.
Loreal Ever Pure Leave in Conditioner for when I leave my hair naturally curly. I put this on while it is still wet then my Special Hair Gel my hair doesn’t feel so dry after.
Now for some Fun Stuff:
I recently purchased some of the New Covergirl Lip Perfection Lip Colors:

 I was Pleasantly surprised at how pigmented and smooth these felt on my lips.
** The only think I noticed was the Siren in Particular Stains a little bit. After Swatching it I still have the Stain on my hand 2 days later ha ha.
This is my Absolute Favorite!
This is the cute phrase listed on the tube. 
Feels like a Mousse when you apply it very nice.
This is a great product also:
I love the Blush in particular very pretty pink. Comes with 4 concealers and some highlighters and a bronzers. I believe this goes for $5 on Elf’s website or Target.
My Local Dollar Store Find:
Rosacea so any rubbing or unnecessary fussing with my face it gets red instantly. I went to the Dollar Store and I stumbled upon these and decided to give them a try. 
As you can see I fell in love with them and I racked up. They are Microfiber and sooo soft! I used them daily with my Purity face Cleanser. No matter how hard I rub with this I do not get irritated and they feel amazing on my skin!
Hope this was helpful for all you beauty bloggies. let me know what you would like to see and think. I tried to do more swatching and enhancing the pics as best I could for you all! I can only get the pics in Medium size for some reason my layout wont let me go bigger. Will try to work on that for you guys !

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