February Likes & Dislikes

Hello Dolls I cant believe we are already going into March. Time is just flying by. This month there were some products that I absolutely loved and unfortunately completely did not like as well. Now I know I usually do all good posts and faves etc, but I think it is important to also show that not everything is all the rave as you see in some you tube videos and beauty blogs. 

Just because someone claims to have loved something and think its Amazing, doesn’t necessarily mean you will love it as well. Everyone’s skin and taste is different and it is important to keep that in mind when you feel compelled in trying a product because 5,000 people love it. Perfect example is the Naked 1 and Naked 2 Palettes. Now I personally like both of the palettes. Are they similar sure, but I like that they arent identical and love the shades. I have seen than people strongly dislike these palettes equally as well for some reason.

So enough with my ramble and here are a few Items I liked and completely disliked this month . 

Ok so I have been obsessed with the Balm products this month. Is you all know I love highlighters and I am in love with Ms Mary Lou Manizer. The Packaging is to die for and the shimmer you get is just amazing. You must try her partner in crime Betty Lou Manizer a gorgeous Bronzey Shimmer!


I recently discovered that TJMAXX and Marshalls have a bunch of The Balm Items for killer sale! A lot of Sets for as low as $10

These have been my Holy Grail Gel Liner Brushes. I absolutely love that I can control exactly how I want the liner to apply.

I have both the Regular L’oreal Voluminous and this one and I use them every single day. Love how full and dark it makes my lashes.

Ok so I am a bit on the Fence about this Concealer pencil. I love the formula itself. It isnt to wet or too dry and gives me great coverage for my horrific under eye circles.
However I can Sharpen it! I have tried 3 different sharpeners and nothing. So I recently contacted Urban Decay and they linked me to they’re sharpener on the site. Really? I dont know just dont feel like spending $10 on an eyeliner pencil to only use with these concealer pencils. I am bummed because I really like this concealer but cant get anymore use from it until I can figure out a way to sharpen it.
This eyeliner has to be one of the blackest pigmented liners I own. I have trouble finding a liner that will last me most of my day on the waterline. This lasts me a little longer than my Mac Smolder liner. 

I was recently “Shopping my Stash” to see what products needed a little more TLC. I was so glad I rediscovered this Boxed Beauty. 

ELF Mellow Melon Conditioning Lip Balm is so pretty and leaves my lips super soft. Not a fan of keeping it in my purse bc I hate searching for my lip liner brush to apply , otherwise I love it.

So I recently made a Trip to Sephora to Return a few Foundations I just was not liking. With the credit I got this Makeup Forever Lip Liner. All I can say is OMG I love love it. So long wearing and I use it sometimes to fill my entire lip if I dont want to wear lipstick. I plan on getting more of these for sure . It is a bit pricey at $19 though.
Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in 08. Nothing out of this world as far as lipsticks but I like this color and how it wears on me.
This Shampoo and Conditioner has literally changed the life of my hair. I had recently learned how harmful chemicals in hair products can truly damage your hair and affect the lustre and color of your hair. L’Oreal has come out with a line that is Sulfate Free. This is great for people that color they’re hair like I do and put it through the ringer.  I noticed within 2 weeks of use that my hair felt softer and felt a tad bit cleaner. 
Now I am still trying to figure this out but I recently decided to make the change to go lighter and become a blonde. I had dyed my hair Red some time last year and I knew that getting the Red out would be a process. Recently my hair dresser came over and 5 hours later I was still a slight red head  but a little more towards light brown. For some reason the bleach wasnt taking to my hair at all! It wasnt changing my color and she was baffled and so was I . I tried not to panic and trusted that the end result would be fine. We decided to stop and just gradually try to transition. We werent sure if it had anything to do with the Shampoo since it has anti fade qualities about it. 

So now for some Items I seriously was just aggravated about this month:

Now I love NYX Cosmetics. I decided to give the lashes a try because I was going for a particular look and wanted some extravagant lashes. I picked up the sparkly ones and the natural. 

I couldnt get them to stay down at all. The band was just too thick and wasnt very form fitting to my lash line. It just would not adhere at all. 

I have seen mixed reviews about this Cuticle Remover. I have tested out for quite some time and realized it was the cause of some nail trouble I was having. My nails were nice and long and strong until one day I was doing a manicure and decided to use this. I used it over some time and noticed that my nails began to peel and chip in the worst kind of way it was awful.

We all love Wet n Wild products and I really wanted to love this lip balm. The packaging is cute and its nice and big perfect for lip application. However I just could not get this to work for me. It seemed to just stay on the surface of my lips. Didn’t penetrate or moisturize my lips at all.  

Last but not least the infamous Garnier Fructis BB Cream. Now I have tried BB cream before and love it. However this one was nothing like the one’s I have tried. This was more of a tinted moisturizer and was just greasy like no other for me. Made me breakout also which is rare for me. 
I love how it said Non- Greasy lol

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  1. Glitz Glam Budget

    oH WOW, i wanted to try the BB cream, but i am sensitive to super greasy oily products which it sounds like I will break out from it =( I have that cuticle remover and i don’t like it at all….i had high hopes for it!

  2. Seana

    Damn I really wanted to try that BB cream! I haven’t been hearing the greatest things about it haha so I guess I’ll have to pass.
    I color my hair WAY too often so I will have to take a look at that shampoo and conditioner! 🙂

  3. Makeup Majesty

    great post as always! I love that shampoo and conditioner too, that’s all I buy now! And I hear you about the NYX lashes, they don’t stay glued down. I think they are two stiff? I’ll stick with MAC or Ardell lashes for now. thanks for sharing! xoxo

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