April Faves/Lips

Hey Dolls so for this post I focused on all my favorite Lippies for this Month. I attempted to do lip swatches on all of them but after maybe 4 applications and all of the rubbing off in between my lips weren’t so happy. Began to feel swollen and irritated so I was only able to do a few for you gals.

  1. Elf Classy
  2. Revlon Carnation
  3. Maybelline Born With It
  4. Maybelline Party Pink
  5. Loreal Fairest Nude
  6. Elf Seductive
  7. Revlon Stormy Pink
  8. Urban Decay Ultraglide O ( Part of Haute Look Deal)
  9. Urban Decay Ultraglide Deep ( Part of Haute Look Deal)
  10. Urban Decay Ultra Glide Heat ( Part of Haute Look Deal)
  11. OCC Lip Tar Grandma
  12. OCC Lip Tar Trollop
  13. OCC Lip Tar Memento

First up My New Favorite Nude Lipstick:
Loreal Fairest Nude
Rumored Dupe for:  Mac Viva Glam 2
Elf Classy
Rumored Dupe for: Mac Angel
Revlon Carnation
Rumored Dupe For: Mac Speed Dial
Revlon Stormy Pink
Rumored Mac Dupe for: Mac Candy Yum Yum
** There are Several dupes for this new Mac Lipstick I have heard . This was the 1st I heard of. I haven’t been able to get my hands on it but not sure if it is for me.
This is a Matte Pink from Revlon and takes about 5-6 applications to achieve the dupe look of Candy Yum Yum. I though I was gonna loove the Mac one but still debating seems a little to bright for me looks great on others from what I can tell but its an ” In Your Face ” PINK LOL

Some Swatches of all the Lipsticks:
From Left to Right:
Elf Classy, Elf Seductive, Revlon Stormy Pink, Loreal Fairest Nude, Maybelline Born With It, Maybelline Party Pink, Revlon Carnation, Urban Decay O, Urban Decay Deep
 OCC Lip Tars:
No Flash
W Flash
Left to Right: 
Grandma, Memento, Trollop
These Lip tars are EXTREMELY Pigmented. like Seriously a drop goes a loong way. They are great alone or with a gloss over them and last forever
Some Notes I gathered on my Phone for you all as I learned about them:
I hope this was helpful to you ladies. I hope to get a few Mac items over time. 
 Also I have done this to inform everyone of alternatives to some Mac items that you may want but cant seem to get or want a dupe for. This is info I have acquired over some other friends, blogs, videos etc. You may not think a certain one I posted is a Dupe for that Mac product. Everyones opinion will vary so please do not use this in the hopes it will be the exact precise color or consistency of the Mac Item. This is just simply a guide to refer to if you want to find a dupe or similar shade to one of you favorites. 
Coming Soon April Faves/ Eyes

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  1. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    Very nice post. I can tell you like pink lips too 🙂 I really don’t have pink lippies. I do have to say I love the swatches of ELF Classy and the OCC Memento. Beautiful. Great job, once again Miss Cathy!

  2. Cathy

    Thanks Girly I know I have come to realize that I have an overabundance of PINKS. I need to definitely stay away from them same for Polishes. LOL I have made a promise to myself not to buy anymore pink cosmetics for a while because it just becomes so blah and repetitive lmao.I am on a mission to find the perfect red for my skin tone and orange/coral since that seems to be the trend this summer

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