1st Makeup Swap!

Hey Ladies so I just couldn’t wait to do this post. I just got home from a wonderful Afternoon with my Hubby and I had a few Packages waiting for me . Thats is always a warm and fuzzy feeling ha ha ha.

I recently did my 1st makeup swap with my Blogger Friend Laisa from Chica Bloggerista aka Quelindaglam on Twitter. I was so thrilled to have done this with her since I had heard how much fun they could be and I just love shopping and putting things together for other people. She is an amazingly sweet and intelligent person and I am so glad that I met her in Blogging world and Twitterverse ha ha. We had emailed each other a list or a survey of things we liked and didn’t like so that we had an idea of how to begin and go forth with our swap. Now some people put a price limit and what not on there swaps and what not but clearly neither one of us paid attention to it and just went wild. Which was sooo fun for me I just couldn’t fit enough things for her in my opinion in a box !


As soon as I opened the Box:
MY Favorite Candy Sour Worms Smiling at me as I opened up !
What my Vanity Looked Like one I took everything out:
Stride Flavor Changing Gum
Trolli Brite Crawlers
Swedish Fish 
Hello Kitty Candy, Pad, Gel Pens
Orly Mini Polishes 
Left to Right-
Va Va Voom
Here Comes Trouble
Coquette Cutie
Bubbly BombShell
ELF Complexion Perfection
Rimmel Quads 002 and 003
Rimmel LipGlosses Sweet Lust and Bubble Blush
Tarina Tarentino Sparkilicity Pure Sparkling Powder
Now when I first Opened up the Box I was Welcomed by this Amazing Scent from inside the Box and I couldn’t wait to figure out what it was!
Heres What Smelled sooo Goood:
AntiBacterial Hand Gels:
Midnight Pomegranate
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Carribean Escape
My FAVORITE SCENT!!!!!!!!! No SERIOUSLY Its Insane how good this smells!
Island Colada Candle
Passion Flower Candle
Inside of Another Adorable little Mesh Bag:
Tarte Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum
Tarte Lock& Roll in Bronze loose and cream Eyeshadow
Dead Sea Essentials by AHAVA Cleansing Cream
Dead Sea Essentials by AHAVA Daytime Moisturizer
Dead Sea Essentials by AHAVA Chamomile Mud Mask
Dead Sea Essentials by AHAVA Witch Hazel Hand Cream
Avon Lipstick Sample Divine Wine
Avon Lipstick Sample Brilliant Berry
Avon Lipstick Sample Berry Berry Nice
Avon Lipstick Sample Pink Light
Cat Walk by Tigi Sample of Curlesque Defining Serum
The Body Shop Sample Nutriganics Smoothing Serum
The Body Shop Sample Nutriganics Day Cream
The Body Shop Sample Vitamin E Moisture Serum
The Body Shop Sample Tee Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion
The Body Shop Sample Vitamin C Skin Boost
Wait theres More!!!!!!
My New Favorite Makeup Bag!!!!
Other Side Had a Secret Slot with this Inside:
Adorable Card
Laisa is as sweet as they come!
And the Fun Continues….
Love her Creativity and Color Choices for Wrapping!
Elf Mascara
Revlon Poppy Silk Red Lipstick
Revlon Sugar Poppy Lipstick
Revlon Silverspun Rose Lipstick
Revlon Pink About It Lipstick
ELF Dragon Fruit LipGloss
ELF Custom Color Empty Eyeshadow Quad
Botanical Choice Skin Softening Yogurt Mask in Strawberry
Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara
Sally Hansen Nail File

MAC Surf Baby Hibiscus Lipstick!!!!!
An ELF Quad with Shadows She Picked!
Stila the IT Girl Palette
I cant begin to say how extremely appreciative I am for all of these wonderful presents from Miss Chica Bloggerista! Honestly not because she sent me all of these gifts because even if it was just the card I had received I would have loved it equally as much. I think it is important to remain humble and not get sucked into this blog world of competitiveness of who has what and how many of this product does one have. I see how easily we can fall into the trap of trying to keep up with other peoples blogs and making sure you have every new collection that is out there and what not. Things like this and people like her are what help maintain the Blogging world a fun and a place where we can all get together and make new friends and share our beauty ideas and thoughts with one another. 
I look forward to doing more swaps in the future with all my Beauty Bloggies! I Thank You a Million Laisa you are an awesome buddy to have and only wish you the best with anything that comes your way!

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  1. Cathy

    @ Wendy It is a lot of stuff I couldnt believe it cant wait to dig in !
    @ Makeup Majesty We should do one one day its a lot of fun !
    @ Tammy Thanks Hun Definitely will now the only issue I am having is finding a place for it all but who are we kidding I will make room ha ha ha

  2. Cathy

    @ Krystal I did and i am so thrilled to put on my makeup tomorrow morning ha ha
    @ JC Tell me about it I would have never expected so much you should definitely do one its interesting to see what people put together. Some people may even include things that we cant get here in the US just an option if u wanted to do an International Swap also!

  3. Ms. Prettyful Girl

    What?! Where was I? How had I not seen this post before? LOL. Aw, this is so great! I’m happy for you. You got a ton of good goodies LOL. I’ve never done a swap before but you make it so enticing, haha 🙂 Yeah, when it comes to makeup we will make room, you better believe it! Great post and fabulous pics! Have fun playing!!

  4. TaYgAn

    Wholly effin hell!! Lol That is a lot of stuff!!! =D what a fricken sweetheart.. I bet that was absolutely amazing to receive! 🙂

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